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Press Release 061606/157 - Distinguished Fellow: Dr. Camden R. Hubbard

J. Kaduk and C. Hubbard

Distinguished Fellow: Dr. Camden R. Hubbard

At the Annual Meeting of ICDD members on March 23rd, Dr. Camden R. Hubbard was named as the 2006 Distinguished Fellow. Dr. Hubbard's extensive contributions to the ICDD span over thirty years. Most recently, he served as Chair of ICDD Board of Directors (2000-2004), where he guided the organization into the 21st century with vision, confidence, and exemplary leadership. During his tenure, the ICDD expanded the Powder Diffraction FileT (PDF®) to a state-of-the-art database, resulting in products that provide new data mining tools for structural crystallography and materials characterization.

Dr. Hubbard served the ICDD in many other roles including Chair of the Technical Committee, Member-at-Large of the ICDD Board of Directors, Chair of the Database Subcommittee, and member of various Board of Directors' Committees and Technical Subcommittees. Among his most notable contributions is the expansion of the Grant-in-Aid Program to encompass global participation, resulting in an increased number of high-quality additions to the PDF and creation of the Regional Co-Chair positions.

Dr. Hubbard and his collaborators at NBS (now NIST) in the 1970's and 1980's certified a number of Standard Reference Materials for X-ray diffraction, produced Reference Data and created the computer-aided editorial software system (NBS*AIDS83) for the evaluation of powder diffraction patterns. This software provided the foundation of a computerized database and the modernization of the editorial process. Today, this program continues to serve as a critical editorial tool at the ICDD headquarters for evaluating reference data before they enter the PDF.

As the liaison between NBS and the ICDD Research Associateship (located at NBS), Dr. Hubbard introduced state-of-the-art techniques and software for producing many world-recognized, high-quality standard reference patterns. During those years, Dr. Hubbard played a crucial role in ensuring the success of the NBS/ICDD Research Associateship. The use of calculated patterns was also expanded and included demonstrations of using structural databases for producing large sets of calculated patterns. With co-author Deane K. Smith, he defined the Reference Intensity Ratio and published how it could be calculated using programs such as POWD.

Today, as the group leader of the Diffraction and Thermophysical Group of Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), Dr. Hubbard is responsible for activities in residual stress measurements, in situ diffraction, and thermophysical properties. His group provides access to these facilities via the HTML User Program. He has led an extensive effort in high impact research as well as facilitating critical high temperature experiments by outside users (universities and industry). He also leads a major effort in upgrading the X-ray and neutron residual stress mapping facilities at ORNL. The construction of the spallation neutron source and upgrade of the high flux isotope reactor is critical in advancing the fundamental understanding of mechanical behavior of materials.




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