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Press Release 061906/158 - ICDD Fellows

ICDD Fellows

"The designation of Fellow may be given by the ICDD Board of Directors to individuals who have given their time and talents beyond that normally associated with membership."

(Jim Kaduk presenting to John Faber)

John Faber

The PDF® has grown dramatically in the last four years due to a series of strategic collaborations. While the ICDD Board of Directors has provided the strategic direction for this growth, John Faber, as Principal Scientist at ICDD, embraced this vision and became the engine for change. Leading by personal example, John has directed a capable team to accomplish the tasks necessary to house an expanding database, which increased 380% in size since 2001, and provided it with viewing, sorting, and mining capabilities.

Further, John has applied his enthusiasm, competence and diligence to the education of the XRD community. His efforts include developing the curriculums and instructing at the ICDD clinics, pharmaceutical symposia, and DXC workshops. John has been involved with every aspect of clinic and symposium development - working with the faculties, developing content, and working with sponsors to get instruments for the clinics. He has nurtured the PPXRD (Pharmaceutical Powder X-ray Diffraction Symposium) event from an initial offering into an annual symposium, now in its sixth year. He has also been involved in giving workshops and lectures in many countries including a recent Grant-in-Aid Workshop in Russia.

Congratulations, John!

(Jim Kaduk presenting to Earle Ryba)

Earle Ryba

Earle Ryba was recognized for his teaching excellence and many contributions to education in the fields of materials and x-ray analysis. Since 1960, Earle has served as an Assistant Associate Professor of Metallurgy at The Pennsylvania State University (PSU), University Park.

Earle's teaching responsibilities include instruction in both powder and single crystal x-ray diffraction, crystallography, characterization of materials, microcomputer usage, general aspects of materials, physical metallurgy, electronic and other physical properties of materials, and technical writing. He also teaches courses in geometrical crystallography, advanced x-ray diffraction, the Rietveld method, and small angle scattering.

Earle's dedication to education expands beyond PSU. He was actively involved in teaching at the State University of New York in Albany (SUNYA) X-ray Clinics from 1983 through 1989. Earle then became involved in continuing this tradition of excellence as he was instrumental in bringing the clinics to PSU and ICDD. He participated as an instructor and local coordinator for the ICDD-JCPDS X-ray Clinics in 1990-91, held at PSU. The following year, the clinics moved to ICDD, and were held initially in Swarthmore and then later in Newtown Square . Today, he continues to share his expertise as an instructor at the ICDD X-ray Clinics, and specialized courses. In addition, Earle has represented ICDD at various short courses around the globe, and also served as an Editor for the Metals and Alloys Subfile of the Powder Diffraction FileT.

Earle exemplifies the meaning of ICDD Fellow as he has given generously of his time and talents beyond that associated with regular membership.

John and Earle weren't the only two added to our Fellows list, eight ICDD members were honored for their roles as Committee, Subcommittee Chairs, or Directors.

They are:

Davor Balzar from NIST, Boulder CO and the University of Denver, Littleton, CO for his contribution as chair of the X-ray Diffraction Methods Subcommittee.

Peter Lee from Argonne National Laboratory, Argonne , IL for his contribution as chair of the Synchrotron Diffraction Subcommittee.

Bill Mayo from H & M Analytical Services, Allentown , NJ for his contribution as chair of the Grant-in-Aid Committee.

Andrew Payzant from Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Oak Ridge, TN for his contribution as chair of the Non-Ambient Diffraction Subcommittee.

Paolo Scardi from University di Trento, Mesiano, Trento , IT, for his contribution as Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors.

Carlo Segre from Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago , IL for his contribution as chair of the Education Subcommittee.

Fred Wireko from Procter & Gamble Co., Cincinnati, OH for his contribution as chair of the Organic and Pharmaceutical Methods Subcommittee.

Peter Zavalij from University of Maryland , College Park , MD for his contribution as chair of the Ceramics Subcommittee




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