2015 ICDD Award Recipients

30 June 2015

Congratulations to ICDD’s newest award recipients!

Distinguished Fellow

ICDD’s Board of Directors awarded the Distinguished Fellow Award to Dr. John Faber of Faber Consulting Inc. at the 2015 ICDD Spring Meetings. This award is given to a member, recognized as an ICDD Fellow, who has given long and meritorious service to the ICDD.

John Faber (left) accepting the Distinguished Fellow Award from Scott Misture (right)

 John served the ICDD initially as an employee, then upon retirement as a member scientist, member of the Board of Directors, and as a consultant. His work with the ICDD spans four decades and he has made fundamental contributions to database science and diffraction education.

After a career working in the diffraction laboratories at Argonne National Laboratory, AMOCO, and the University of Illinois, John joined the ICDD.  He served the ICDD as Principal Scientist from 1997 to 2007. In this role, he led a team of specialists in developing new products based on relational database (RDB) technology, including conversion from existing data structures, security and licensing, and utilization of web-based e-commerce. 

Some of John’s further accomplishments include the creation of in-house expertise to calculate powder patterns from other database compilations, and development of on-the-fly technology for digitized patterns. During his tenure, the population of entries in the PDF-2 database using calculated pattern technology doubled as a result of the collaboration with Fachinformationszentrum Karlsruhe (ICSD).  He developed software programs that provide viewer and search indexing functions in the new RDBs, and implemented security and registration processes. John served as the Director of ICDD’s educational programs for many years, and also as a participant on all technical committees of the ICDD. Upon his retirement from ICDD, he became an ICDD member and later served on the Board of Directors as a Director-at-Large from 2008 to 2012.

Today, John serves as the Faculty Chairman for ICDD’s Rietveld Analysis course, and for the last three years, has been developing neutron powder diffraction analysis software for the PDF-4 product line. This new capability for constant wavelength neutron diffraction was released in 2014. John is currently developing time-of-flight analysis capabilities for future releases.

The ICDD Board of Directors awarded the ICDD Fellow award to Dr. Bob He. Bob has been an active ICDD member since 2001. Together with Tom Blanton, he has co-organized one of Denver X-ray Conference’s most popular workshops on two-dimensional XRD since 2001. In 2015, he delivered a plenary talk on two-dimensional XRD at ICDD’s Annual Meeting.  In addition, Bob has participated in several ICDD Technical Subcommittee activities and initiated a task group on 2D XRD. He also served as a member of the Ludo Frevel Scholarship Committee.    

Bob He (left) accepting the ICDD Fellow Award from Scott Misture (right)

Bob is a very active member of the pharmaceutical powder X-ray diffraction community.  Over the past decade, he focused significant effort on introducing 2D detector technology to the pharmaceutical field. He attended nearly all of the ICDD’s Pharmaceutical Powder X-ray Diffraction Symposiums, where he delivered many well-received contributed presentations, invited presentations, and symposium workshop lectures.

Bob has worked in the field of materials research, principally by X-ray diffraction, for over thirty years. He is currently the Director of Innovation and Business Development XRD at Bruker AXS. In addition, he recently completed a three-year Adjunct Professor teaching assignment (2011-2014) in the Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology at Kharagpur. Working on X-ray diffractometers and methods development since 1986, Bob earned his Ph.D. in Materials Science from Virginia Tech in 1992.

Bob is regarded as one of the pioneers in two-dimensional X-ray diffraction.  He has delivered many presentations as an invited lecturer and speaker at universities, conferences, national labs, and industrial technical centers. He has obtained sixteen U.S. patents and two R&D 100 Awards in X-ray instrument development, and published over thirty papers as well as a textbook on two-dimensional X-ray diffraction.

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