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Press Release 090806/160 - Announcing the 2006 McMurdie Award Recipient: Dr. Peter L. Wallace

(Jim Kaduk and Peter Wallace)

Dr. Peter L. Wallace was named as the 2006 McMurdie Award Recipient at the ICDD Annual Meeting of Members, 23 March 2006. The award was presented at the Plenary Ses si on of the 55 th Annual Denver X-ray Conference, 9 August 2006. Named in honor of Howard McMurdie, the award was established to recognize distinguished work which improves the Powder Diffraction File T in its purpose of identifying and characterizing inorganic solids.

Pete has a distinguished history of contributions to the metals and alloys conte nt of the Powder Diffraction File. His contributions date back to the first Metals & Alloys book, which was printed in 1977. He has long been, and continues to be, a member of the very active Metals and Alloys Subcommittee and was Chairman of that subcommittee for various periods. Pete was the primary author of the ICDD Metals and Alloys Indexes, published in 1992, and included indexes for Alphabetic Formula, Pearson Symbol Code, Common Names, and Struckturbericht Symbols. Pete was a key member of, and leading influence on, the Metals & Alloys Task Group who was respon si ble for the detailed task of preparing and editing these indexes. Pete co-authored papers that were published in Powder Diffraction and Advances in X-ray Analy si s on these indexes in 1994; on X-ray safety (1987); Plutonium alloys (1988-89); and use of test data for powder pattern calculations (1998).

Building on this history of critical contributions, in recent years, Pete Wallace established the computational requirements for a phase to be included in the "Metals & Alloys and Related Phases" subfile. He has also provided excellent leadership in establishing the criteria currently in use for de si gnating duplicate entries as either Primary or Alternate based on figure of merit and other factors. Pete has also been deeply involved and a leader in the integration of the metals and alloys data from the Linus Pauling File into the Powder Diffraction File. Particularly noteworthy has been his efforts on prototype structures and editorial reconciliation of the ICDD and LPF prototyping plans.

Pete Wallace is an ICDD Fellow and was a Member-at-Large of the ICDD Board of Directors, 1986-1990. He continues his efforts as Consulting Editor of the Powder Diffraction File.



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