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Press Release 091508/175 - 2008 McMurdie Award Recipient

2008 McMurdie Award Recipient - Jeffrey Dann

The International Centre for Diffraction Data is pleased to announce that long-time ICDD member, Jeffrey Dann of Global Tungsten & Powders, (formerly OSRAM Sylvania), Towanda, PA, was named as the 2008 McMurdie Award Recipient at the ICDD Annual Meeting of Members, held 13 March 2008. However, the award itself was recently was presented at the Plenary Session of the 57th Annual Denver X-ray Conference, held in Denver, Colorado. Named in honor of Howard McMurdie, the award was established to recognize distinguished work which improves the Powder Diffraction File™ (PDF) in its purpose of identifying and characterizing inorganic solids.

Jeff was recognized for his many distinguished contributions, over the past three decades, to the quality, content, coverage and usefulness of the Inorganic Powder Diffraction File™,  in particular, the Metals and Alloys Subfile. Since 1976, Jeff has been an active participant of the Metals & Alloys Subcommittee and Task Team, serving as Chairman of the subcommittee for six years. In pursuing greater coverage of materials in the PDF, he also served as Chairman of the Target Systems Subcommittee. This subcommittee was responsible for identifying materials missing from the PDF and making recommendations to the Grant-in-Aid Committee to promote proposals focusing on these missing phases. Other ICDD activities include serving as Member-at-Large of the Board of Directors, and as an active member of the Ceramics, Database, Diffraction Methods, Editorial, and Organic Subcommittees.

We express our congratulations to Jeff on receiving this prestigious award and our sincere appreciation for his relentless efforts in structuring the PDF as a useful and comprehensive tool for the international scientific community.  We also thank Global Tungsten & Powders for their cooperation in supporting Jeff’s ICDD endeavors.



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