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2010 Hanawalt Award Announcement

October 19, 2010

The International Centre for Diffraction Data takes pleasure in announcing that Dr. Takeshi Egami of the Joint Institute for Neutron Sciences, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN, and Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Oak Ridge, TN, and Dr. Simon J.L.  Billinge of Applied Physics & Applied Mathematics, Columbia University, New York, NY were selected to receive the 2010 J.D. Hanawalt Award for excellence in the field of X-ray powder diffraction.

Simon Billinge, Tom Blanton, Takeshi Egami

The presentation of the award took place at the 59th Annual Denver X-ray Conference, Denver, Colorado, U.S.A., on 4 August 2010. The Award was established to recognize outstanding achievement in the XRD field within the last five years. Dr. Takeshi Egami and Dr. Simon Billinge were honored for their brilliant work in developing and extending the technique of Pair Distribution Function analysis of non-Bragg structures as exemplified in their book, "Underneath the Bragg Peaks".

A special session entitled “Nanostructure Studies using the Atomic Pair Distribution Function” was held at the Denver X-ray Conference, where Drs. Egami and Billinge presented their Hanawalt Award lectures. Dr. Egami’s presentation focused on Recent Advances in the Pair Distribution Function Technique, while Dr. Billinge spoke on Structure at the Nanoscale: Atomic Pair Distribution Function Analysis of Nanostructured Materials.

Dr. Billinge received his B.A. in Materials Science at the University of Oxford in 1986, and Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering at the University of Pennsylvania in 1992. Dr. Billinge first worked at Michigan State University as an Assistant Professor of physics and astronomy, and by 2003 he worked his way up to the title of Professor. In 2008, Dr. Billinge arrived at Columbia University as a Professor, as well as a Senior Scientist at Brookhaven National Lab, Upton, NY. His research includes: nanoscale structure-property relationships in functional nanomaterials studied using novel X-ray and neutron scattering techniques coupled with advanced computing, as well as, solving the nanostructure problem.

Dr. Egami received his Bachelor’s degree in Applied Physics in 1968 at the University of Tokyo. In 1971, he received his Ph.D. in Materials Science from the University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Egami began teaching at the University of Pennsylvania in 1973 as an Assistant Professor. He became a Professor in 1980, and then Chair of the Materials Science and Engineering Department from 1997 to 2002. While teaching at Penn, Dr. Egami was Dr. Billinge’s thesis advisor in 1992. Dr. Egami is currently a Distinguished Professor at University of Tennessee, Knoxville and has written over 360 technical papers.

Congratulations to Dr. Takeshi Egami and Dr. Simon J.L. Billinge on receiving this prestigious award!

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