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The International Centre for Diffraction Data is pleased to announce The 7th Pharmaceutical Powder X-ray Diffraction Symposium in Orlando, FL, U.S.A..

Exhibitor Information

A commercial exhibition of analytical instrumentation and related products and services is planned during the symposium and during the evening poster session and reception. Exhibits are limited to tabletop exhibits. Organizations interested in reserving a table for an exhibit or sponsorship opportunities, please contact Leah Mooney at or Tel: +610-325-9814.


Anton Paar USA

SAXSess is a laboratory instrument for small-angle and wide-angle X-ray scattering. Combined in the SAXSess system, these two techniques form a powerful analytical solution for investigating liquid crystals, dispersions, polymers, proteins, and much more.  A compact instrument that provides ultimate clarity for your materials research and quality control. 

Bruker AXS, Inc.

Bruker AXS is a leading provider of advanced X-ray systems, providing innovative solutions for polymorph screening, micro spot analysis, homogeneity mapping, structure solution and phase identification in-situ and off-line.  Bruker’s unique state-of-the-art products find special application in drug discovery, high-throughput screening for combinatorial analysis, drug development, failure analysis and quality control.  

International Centre for Diffraction Data

The International Centre for Diffraction Data® (ICDD®) is a non-profit scientific organization dedicated to collecting, editing, publishing, and distributing powder diffraction data for the identification of materials. ICDD maintains and distributes the Powder Diffraction File™ for use in materials characterization via X-ray analysis. For the pharmaceutical market, ICDD offers PDF-4/Organics 2008 featuring 341,540 entries designed for rapid materials identification.

Oxford Cryosystems

Oxford Cryosystems is the proud manufacturer of the 700 Series Cryostream (80-400K) and the Cryostream Plus (80-500K) liquid nitrogen systems, the COBRA non-liquid nitrogen Cryostream (80-400K) – any of which will cool down from room temperature to 100K in less than 40 minutes.  
The company also produces the N-HeliX, an open flow nitrogen and helium cryostat and the Phenix, a revolutionary 11K helium cryostat for powder diffraction.  Other products include our line of Cryoaccessories and a software suite, Crystallographica, incorporating Crystallographica Search Match (CSM), both of which can be downloaded for free trial periods at

Remember, if it isn't made by Oxford Cryosystems, it isn't a Cryostream.


PANalytical is the worlds leading supplier of X-ray diffraction and X-ray fluorescence solutions. Our never compromise PreFIX configurations give you maximum throughput efficiency from your laboratory diffractometer for solutions such as High Resolution Combinatorial Screening, Variable Temperature/Humidity analysis, Protein Powder Diffraction and Small Angle X-ray Scattering to name a few. 

Zinsser Analytic

Information and Modules for the Salt Pre-screening & Polymorph Screening and Solubility Testing Automation Platform. Modules to be shown include the tools for precise distribution of solid and liquid candidates and the reactor block designed for polymorph studies.  The Zinsser WinLissy operating system software will also be demonstrated. 



Aptuit Consulting provides pharmaceutical, medical device and intellectual property services to clients globally.  Our consultants analyze  crystalline and  disordered molecular solids to determine drug stability and routinely use these and other analytical techniques to assist our clients with drug development and patent protection.  In patent litigation matters, Aptuit consultants have offered testimony in over 130 matters worldwide. 

EasyLab Technologies Ltd.

The de facto supplier of high-pressure instrumentation for scientific research: Diamond Anvil Cells, piston-cylinder cells, photoluminescence systems, gasket drilling machines and much more. Our cells cover a wide range of applications, from spectroscopy to magnetometry, pressures (to above 100 GPa), temperatures (from the milliKelvin up to 1,000deg.C) and magnetic fields. 

Prevalere Life Sciences

Prevalere Life Sciences, Inc. is a contract research organization providing consulting and GLP/cGMP compliant analytical testing and data analysis services to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and chemical industries. We offer physical/chemical testing of APIs and excipients using X-ray Powder Diffraction, TGA, FTIR, Mass Spectrometry, elemental analysis and Karl Fischer Moisture Analysis.

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PharmiWeb Solutions

Established in October 2003, PharmiWeb Solutions is an energetic, innovative provider of web-based solutions for the pharmaceutical sector, with customers such as AstraZeneca, Roche, Servier Laboratories, and Merck. With solutions in three key areas: Online Publishing, e-Business and Mobile Computing,  we deliver connectivity – between people and applications – unlocking islands of data and knowledge.
We own some of the sector’s most innovative Online Publications:, and We are actively developing solutions for Mobile Computing platforms. For example, our PharmiTabTM e-pharmacy solution runs real-time patient data and prescribing transactions in a busy hospital environment, on a TabletPC, wireless client/server platform. e-Business solutions range from e-Detailing, to Online Market Research, all designed to increase reach, increase sales, and to reduce administration and costs.

Pharmcast is the world leading website designed specifically for pharmaceutical, clinical and biotechnology professionals. brings up-to-date information on pharmaceutical patents, FDA, news, jobs and Buyer's Guide to our visitors.  It was created and is maintained by pharmaceutical and biotechnology professionals.  Visit and discover for yourself why it is so popular among professionals.

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