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program 2011
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Using XRD to monitor the influence of milling on physical properties of a hydrate - Itai Adin

In situ Measurement and Characterization of Crystal Growth by X-ray Diffraction - Crystallization Monitoring - a QbD tool – Detlef Beckers

Stability and Desolvation Kinetics of Droperidol Hydrates and an Ethonal Solvate, Studied by Powder X-ray Diffraction and Differental Thermal Analysis/Termogravimetry - Agris Berzins

Total Scattering Pair Distribution Functions (TSPDF) for Fingerprinting Amorphous Pharmaceuticals - Simon Billinge

A Novel Method to Determine Amorphous Phase Concentrations Using the Rietveld Refinement Technique - Xim Bokhimi

Addressing the challenges in applying crystal structure prediction to pharmaceutical materials - Graeme M. Day

Reference Materials for the Study of Polymorphism and Crystallinity of Cellulose - Tim Fawcett

Application of Automated Electron Diffraction to Structural Investigation of Molecular Crystals - Tatiana Gorelik

VÅNTEC-500 Area Detector for Pharmaceutical XRD - Bob He

Investigation of Solid-state Stability of a Co-crystal API in Formulation Development by XRPD and ss- NMR Spectroscopy - Z. Jane Li

An Overview of Solid Form Screening During Drug Development - Ann Newman

NEW techniques for TEM - nanoanalysis  precession electron diffraction for organic  –  inorganic nanostructures - Stavros Nikolopoulos

HR-XRPD and Polymorph Stability - Ivo B. Rietveld

Complementary Crystallography and X-ray Powder Diffraction Methods - Greg Stephenson

Effect of Processing Conditions on the Physical State of Solutes in Lyophilized Formulations - Prakash Sundaramurthi

Polymorphism and Solvates of Flecainide Base - Kaspar Veldre