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The 10th Pharmaceutical Powder X-ray Diffraction Symposium
Lyon, France
Reported by Fangling Needham
Photos by Timothy Fawcett/Fangling Needham
International Centre for Diffraction Data

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The 10th Pharmaceutical Powder X-ray Diffraction Symposium (PPXRD-10) was successfully completed at the Radisson BLU Hotel in Lyon, France from the 16th to 19th of May 2011. There was a wide spectrum of events planned and carried out for the symposium. In addition to the vendor exhibits and a poster session, there was a one-day workshop on amorphous pharmaceutical materials on the 16th, followed by two and one-half days of technical presentations.  On May 19th, attendees had the chance to participate in a half-day excursion to the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility in Grenoble, France. Attendees came from thirteen different countries – Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Israel, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Mexico, the Netherlands, Sweden, United Kingdom, and United States.

The sessions, consisting of invited and contributed presentations, featured many novel techniques. The symposium also included several advanced X-ray powder diffraction theory/technology presentations with corresponding complimentary techniques by invited speakers. The invited talks included:

  1. “Total Scattering Pair Distribution Functions (TSPDF) for Fingerprinting Amorphous Pharmaceuticals” by Simon Billinge from Columbia University
  2.  “Interplay of Single Crystal and X-ray Powder Diffraction Data in Solid-State Pharmaceutics” by Gregory A. Stephenson from Eli Lilly and Company
  3.  “Which API Form Is in Your Drug Product?” by Shawn Yin from Bristol-Myers Squibb
  4.  “Addressing The Challenges for Applying Crystal Structure Prediction to Pharmaceutical Materials” by Graeme M. Day from University of Cambridge
  5.  “Crystal Structure Prediction of Small Organic Molecules; Kinetics versus Thermodynamics” by Frank J.J. Leusen from University of Bradford
  6.  “An Overview of Solid Form Screening during Drug Development” by Ann Newman of Seventh Street Development Group
  7.  “Effect of Processing Conditions on the Physical State of Excipients in Lyophilized Formulation” by Prakash Sundaramurthi from Teva Parenteral Medicines. Inc.
  8.  “HR-XRPD, A Crucial Factor in The Determination of The Stability Hierarchy of Polymorphs by Topological and Experimental Pressure – Temperature Diagrams” by I. B. Rietveld from Universite Paris Descartes
  9.  “So How Good Is Your PXRD Data? Can It Withstand the Scrutiny of Experts?” by Jeremy K. Cockcroft from University College London.

The one-day workshop, chaired by Dr. Shawn Yin, emphasized amorphous pharmaceutical materials. The workshop instructors were Drs. Valeri Petkov from Central Michigan University, Loren Schieber from University of Connecticut, Shawn Yin, and Ann Newman from Seventh Street Development Group as the lead instructor. The workshop topics were “Amorphous Basics”, “Making Amorphous Materials”, and Using PXRD, ssNMR, and Thermal Techniques for Amorphous Materials. There was a very high participation in the panel discussion at the end of the workshop with great enthusiasm by all attendees and the instructors.   

Thanks to the exhibitors – Bruker AXS for X-ray system drug solutions from Germany, PANalytical S.A.S. for analytical X-ray diffraction instrumentation and software from France, Rigaku Europe S.E. for X-ray instrumentation, components, and software from Germany, UNAM (Laboratorio Refinamiento Estructuras Cristalinas) for analytical X-ray diffraction services from Mexico, and International Centre for Diffraction Data for material identification databases. The exhibitors provided valuable product and service information to symposium attendees. Special thanks to Rigaku for the coffee break support.

ICDD participation included the contribution from organizing committee members, chaired by Dr. Cyrus Crowder, for the technical program support, an oral presentation by Dr. Timothy Fawcett, and a poster presentation by Dr. Fangling Needham. Theresa Maguire and Denise Flaherty from the Conference Services Department did an impeccable job organizing the symposium across the Atlantic Ocean. Special thanks to the organizing committee members and all parties involved for the success of this symposium.