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Excellent Sponsorship Opportunities Available

PPXRD is a targeted opportunity for your company to connect to the Pharmaceutical XRD Market; this year we’ve added even more sponsorship options for you, and more benefits!

  • Choose to be a Premier Sponsor, host of the primary social reception of PPXRD.
  • New this year, a Luncheon Sponsorship, guaranteed to cater to a captive audience.
  • Also available, Coffee Break Sponsorships, where you can meet and greet conference attendees.
  • Want your company to be included in the PPXRD-12 Book of Abstracts? Advertisement opportunities are available.

Please refer to the Sponsorship Application for full details.

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Bruker (Beijing) Scientific Technology Co., Ltd
E-mail: info@bruker-axs.cn
Web: www.bruker.com
Bruker AXS is a leading provider of advanced X-ray systems, providing innovative solutions for polymorph screening, micro spot analysis, homogeneity mapping, structure solution and phase identification in-situ and off-line. Bruker's unique state-of-the-art products find special application in drug discovery, high-throughput screening for combinatorial analysis, drug development, failure analysis and quality control.

International Centre for Diffraction Data
E-mail: marketing@icdd.com
Web: www.icdd.com
ICDD’s material identification databases are designed for rapid materials identification and interfaced with diffractometers and data analysis systems of the world’s leading software developers and manufacturers of X-ray equipment. The File is available in PDF-2 Release 2012 (250,182 entries); PDF-4+ 2012 (328,660 entries) featuring digitized patterns, molecular graphics and atomic parameters; PDF-4/Minerals 2012 (39,410 entries); and PDF-4/Organics 2013 (471,257 entries). ICDD promotes the application of materials characterization methods by sponsoring the Denver X-ray Conference; its proceedings, Advances in X-ray Analysis and the journal, Powder Diffraction.

Rigaku Corporation
Email: info@rigaku.com
Web: www.rigaku.com.cn

Rigaku Corporation provides the world’s most complete line of X-ray diffraction and X-ray fluorescence instruments and components, including benchtop XRD and XRF systems, X-ray optics and detectors, single crystal diffractometers for chemical crystallography, multi-purpose diffractometers with SAXS and in-plane capabilities, and high-powered WDXRF spectrometers. Founded in 1951 in Tokyo (Japan), Rigaku Corporation is a global leader in X-ray and thermal analysis, automation solutions and non-destructive testing. Rigaku employs more than 1,100 people in the development, manufacturing, marketing and support.

EXHIBITION: 22-23 May 2013

Trying to reach the
Pharmaceutical XRD Market?

Reserve your exhibit space at the 12th Pharmaceutical Powder X-ray Diffraction Symposium.

Concurrent with the symposium, evening poster session, and reception will be a commercial exhibition of analytical instrumentation and related products and services. 

Exhibitor Information

Exhibitor Info & Application

Exhibitor Registration Form

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Cost per space: $1000 USD.

Exhibits will be held on Wednesday, 22 May during the morning and afternoon coffee breaks, lunch break, poster session/reception and Thursday, 23 May during the morning and afternoon coffee breaks and lunch break. All coffee breaks and reception food and beverage will be served in the exhibit area.

Space includes an approximately 6 foot (2 meter) skirted tabletop exhibit area, company table sign and two chairs. Exhibitors may bring their own backdrops, as draping is not provided; however, it must fit within the 6 foot wide space. Drayage fees may apply depending on the weight and size of exhibit items shipped.

The Exhibit Space is located in a corridor / lounge area near the symposium room that cannot be secured in the evening. In the evening, exhibitors can store items in the symposium room, which will be locked. Any items which need to be secured will need to be moved by the exhibitor.

Each company exhibiting at the symposium may send two representatives. Company representatives are invited to attend symposium sessions. Additionally, company representatives are welcome to attend the Evening Reception and Coffee Breaks.

Cancellations received by 1 April 2013 will receive a 50% refund. There will be no refund for booths can-celled after 1 April 2013.

Please provide a brief description (75 words or less) of the products to be displayed, and/or services to be represented at your tabletop exhibit. This description will appear on the PPXRD web site and in the PPXRD Book of Abstracts. E-mail descriptions to ppxrd@icdd.com.

Once your application has been received and processed by the ICDD, two copies of the exhibit contract will be mailed to you. The contract will include Rules and Regulations for exhibiting at PPXRD-12. It is manda-tory that both copies of the contract be signed and mailed back to the ICDD. Your company must also sup-ply a Certificate of Insurance along with the signed contracts. A Certificate of Insurance is provided by your insurance company, and states the amount of general liability insurance carried by your company. Details regarding the criteria for insurance will be outlined in the Rules and Regulations of your Exhibit Space Con-tract. No company will be permitted to exhibit at PPXRD without a signed contract and Certificate of Insurance.

The floor plan will be drafted one month before the symposium begins. Exhibitors will be notified of their table location at that time.