19-20 May 2015
Trying to reach the 
Pharmaceutical XRD Market?

Reserve your exhibit space at the 13th Pharmaceutical Powder X-ray Diffraction Symposium.
Concurrent with the symposium, evening poster session, and reception will be a commercial exhibition of analytical instrumentation and related products and services.

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Excellent Sponsorship Opportunities Available
PPXRD is a targeted opportunity for your company to connect to the Pharmaceutical XRD Market.

  • Choose to be a Premier Sponsor, host of the primary social reception of PPXRD.
  • Also available, Coffee Break Sponsorships, where you can meet and greet conference attendees.
  • Want your company to be included in the PPXRD-13 Book of Abstracts? 
    Advertisement opportunities 
    are available.
  • Do you have a sponsorship idea? Contact us with your idea, ICDD will work with any budget to provide optimal exposure for your investment.

Please refer to the Sponsorship Application for full details.

Sponsorship Application



Bruker AXS
E-mail: info@bruker-axs.de
Web: www.bruker.com 

Bruker AXS is a leading provider of advanced X-ray systems, providing innovative solutions for polymorph screening, micro spot analysis, homogeneity mapping, structure solution and phase identification in-situ and off-line. Bruker's unique state-of-the-art products find special application in drug discovery, high-throughput screening for combinatorial analysis, drug development, failure analysis and quality control.

International Centre for Diffraction Data
E-mail: marketing@icdd.com
Web: www.icdd.com

Over the past 74 years, our mission has focused on meeting the needs of the scientific community through the publication of the Powder Diffraction File™ and by providing forums for the exchange of ideas and information. Release 2014 of the Powder Diffraction File™ databases boasts over 799,700 entries.  These material identification databases, designed for rapid materials identification, are interfaced with diffractometers and data analysis systems of the world’s leading software developers and manufacturers of X-ray equipment. For the pharmaceutical market, ICDD offers the PDF-4/Organics database for materials identification of organics and organometallics.

PANalytical GmbH
e-mail: info.de@panalytical.com
web: www.panalytical.com

PANalytical provides analytical instruments and software for materials in different industries such as pharmaceuticals, metals, mining over to nanomaterials and general academic research. The combination of our user-friendly, certified software and instrumentation, based on X-ray diffraction (XRD), X-ray fluorescence (XRF) and other techniques provides our customers with highly reliable and robust elemental and structural information on their materials. A global service network guarantees excellent availability and outstanding long-time performance for the user.

Rigaku Corporation
Email: RESE@rigaku.com
Web: www.rigaku.com.cn
MiniFlex: a benchtop XRD equipping with 600W high-power source together with variety of options, for example auto sample changer and sample holders for large sample. It provides more power, flexibility and results on powder XRD measurement.
SmartLab: highly versatile multipurpose XRD combined with next generation HyPix 2-D detector, 9kW or m-focus X-ray source and user guidance software including fully automated optics alignment for ultimate automation. Unique DSC chamber enables to carry out in-situ XRD-DSC measurement.

STOE + Cie GmbH
Email: stoe@stoe.com
Web: www.stoe.com
In Darmstadt, Germany, STOE & Cie GmbH developes and manufactures powder and
single crystal diffractometer systems as well as control and evaluation software for crystallographers, solid state chemists and pharmacists all over the world. Especially for the pharmaceutic industry STOE produces the STADI P, a versatile powder diffractometer for qualitative, quantitative or combinatorial / high-throughput  analysis of grinded samples in transmission mode. The STADI P will be presented at the exhibition.