Targeted Materials
(PDF-4+ 2018, PDF-4/Organics 2018)

Digital Image by: Joshua Rodriguez

ICDD has developed new methods for the analysis and editorial review of nanomaterials. We are targeting materials with particle size domains below 300 Å where we can demonstrate the crystallite size/particle size relationship. Several ICDD grantees and interested parties are providing reference data. We expect this to be a continuous effort.

To help in the analysis of nanomaterials, all references in the PDF-4 family of databases can be converted into a digital pattern with a user-defined crystallite size (i.e., Nano). By comparison to references, a crystallite size and size distribution can be estimated.

It has been shown that diffraction methods are well suited for (i) studying nanomaterials due to the wavelengths that are of similar scale as the materials being studied, and (ii) are sensitive to the degrees of order and disorder in solid state materials. Modern advances in radiation sources, improved optics, and energy selective detectors have improved our abilities to study atomistic level changes, thus resulting in better characterization and study of nanomaterials. 

TEM courtesy of Rich Hailstone, Rochester Inst. of Tech.

Diffraction pattern (below) and transmission electron micrograph (above) are for Magnetite ( Fe3O4 )

ICDD has worked with its international membership of scientists to develop a series of software tools and simulations to enable study and characterization of nanomaterials. Additionally, we are continuously adding experimental data of both nano-/amorphous materials.


New Nanomaterials added in
Release 2018


Technical Presentations on Nanomaterials

PPXRD 2015

"Analyzing Amorphous and Nano-crystalline Materials by Full Pattern Analyses" (full presentation coming soon)

Timothy Fawcett*, S.N. Kabekkodu, K. Zhong, A.M. Gindhart, J.R. Blanton, T.N. Blanton, ICDD, Newtown Square, PA, USA

Advances in X-ray Analysis Publication

"Simulation Tools and References for the Analysis of Nanomaterials" - T.G. Fawcett, S. N. Kabbekodu, J. R. Blanton, C. E. Crowder, T. N. Blanton, Vol 58, pp. 108 – 120 (2015) 


Crystallite Size Analysis - Professor Paolo Scardi and Dr. Matteo Leoni