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How “good” is your database? The PDF-2 has just got even better! ICDD’s search-indexing software, SIeve, has been included FREE! We know that any database can get you an answer, but is it the right answer? You can trust your diffraction data to ICDD. All ICDD databases are reviewed, edited, and standardized prior to publication. You can now take advantage of our integrated data mining and search-indexing software and be confident with PDF-2 as a stand-alone database. Designed to get you the right answer, PDF-2 is the most cost effective license!

PDF-2 2018 features 298,258 entries for rapid and accurate phase identification. The PDF-2 database is licensed for five (5) years and offers the highest value in the global marketplace. This value is due to its low annual cost amortized over the lifetime of the license, combined with its large content of powder and single crystal powder data, and its high level of quality with embedded software for data mining and search-indexing. Quality and subfile filters combined with 68 different searches and 53 display fields enable you to target your results for more accurate identification. The database is not just a collection of numbers; it is a sophisticated data analysis tool.

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PDF-4+Scholar Multiyear License for Academics

Pricing is available for multiyear & site licenses. Please contact the ICDD's Customer Service Department for further information.

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