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PDF-2 Release 2013 contains a total of 265,127 data entries from the ICDD experimental powder data collection, as well as data collected, edited and standardized from the NIST and FIZ databases. PDF-2 is designed for inorganic materials analyses using automated diffractometers. Each entry contains a table of interplanar (d) spacings, and relative intensities and most contained Miller indices as well. Additional information, such as chemical formula, compound name, mineral name, structural formula, crystal system, physical data, experimental parameters and references are included when known. Many common organic materials from the ICDD are added to this database to facilitate rapid material identification. Each entry has undergone rigorous editorial review and has been indexed in subfile searches. The expanded list of features and capabilities for Release 2013 are listed here.

More Data Mining!

Our data mining software is integrated into PDF-2, as an added value to our customers! PDF-2 provides display, search and data mining choices with 47 display fields that work interactively with 52 searches. PDF-2 allows displayed data to be graphed and plotted. Several searches can be combined using the "History" feature and the data can be tabulated, sorted and graphed by user selection. For those doing quantitative analysis, tabulations of I/Ic are available and can be compared to the entry's quality mark and status so that the best reference can be selected for the analysis.




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Pricing is available for multiyear & site licenses. Please contact the ICDD's Customer Service Department for further information.

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