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PDF-4/Minerals is the most comprehensive collection of mineral data in the world! Ninety-seven percent of all known mineral types, as defined by the International Mineralogical Association (IMA), are represented in the database, as well as many unclassified minerals. There is a very wide selection of chemical variants within mineral species as shown by the 21,378 unique empirical formulas in the collection. Our database demonstrates the benefit of having combined data from several different databases.

Due to focused editorial efforts in bibliographic searching, editorial review, and classification, the mineral collection has grown by over 50% during the last 10 years to 45,497 entries in release 2018. All data are statistically analyzed, then peer-reviewed by an editorial task group of ICDD scientist members, who are also mineralogists. Minerals are classified by IMA designations of family, class and subclasses, Pearson symbols, and prototype structures. All mineralogical zeolites are similarly classified using international Zeolite Association guidelines.


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In response to customer requests, ICDD is offering multiyear license renewal pricing for PDF-4/Minerals. The multiyear license is offered as a convenience to our customers and is not subject to the discount offered with our other multiyear licenses. Please contact ICDD for further information.

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