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Search and Identify

ICDD's search indexing programs, SIeve for PDF-2 and SIeve+ for PDF-4, are designed to search and identify unknown materials. SIeve and SIeve+ are integrated into the ICDD databases to allow the use of the extensive data mining interfaces, searches, and sorts available to improve accuracy and precision of the identification process. For example, users can utilize the extensive permutable searches in each database, then define their own search subfile or use any of the "application or expert-defined" subfiles and subclasses to increase the accuracy of their phase identification. In many cases, this provides a unique capability to analyze the most difficult problems.

SIeve and SIeve+ offer a variety of algorithms and options that allow users to optimize results for particular chemistries and both standard and non-standard diffraction systems. SIeve and SIeve+ feature automatic rotation of the eight strongest lines (Hanawalt) or the eight longest of the strongest lines (Fink) or the eight longest lines (Long8) to look for entries that exhibit the best Goodness of Match (GOM). In the last few years, new algorithms have been added to identify non-crystalline materials and complex multi-phase specimens. Most of the algorithms were developed and optimized for a particular type of analysis and the options provide the user with a wide breadth of analytical capability.

Since the fundamental algorithms used by SIeve and SIeve+ are different than those used by most commercial software programs, they can be strongly complementary. This complementary nature demonstrates the strength of SIeve/SIeve+ in the analysis of minor and trace phases where the full filtering capability of the PDF-2 and PDF-4 databases can be applied. Try SIeve or SIeve+ for a free 30-day trial after you install your database and discover its phase identification capability. At the end of the 30-day trial period, contact ICDD or your vendor for a license.


Better Quantitation by RIR Methods

Take advantage of ICDD's editorial quality and quality review for improved quantitative results. When performing quantitative analyses by the RIR (Reference Intensity Ratio) method, SIeve+ will always use the highest quality I/Ic value in the calculation. These are ambient determinations that receive the highest quality marks.

When you click on the Adjust Phase Ratio icon, you will be shown a display of the results with estimated concentrations from the RIR optimization. These can be manually adjusted and the results are graphically shown.


Pricing is available for multiyear & site licenses. Please contact the ICDD's Customer Service Department for further information.

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