Product License Policies


The ICDD database and software products are licensed for use on a single PC. Database and software licenses grant end users a limited, nonexclusive and nontransferable license to access the contents of the product for personal or internal business purposes; and to download such contents on the hard drive of a single computer, as needed, to facilitate data processing. It cannot be installed, accessed or displayed on more than one PC without purchasing additional licenses. It is expressly prohibited to access the database over a network, or access the database using desktop sharing or screen sharing software. License terms vary by product. Please see here for information on WebPDF-4+ licensing.

license terms

The initial term of the license for PDF-2 and SIeve is five (5) years from the license registration key date. At the end of your five (5) year license term, you will have two options for your license. Option 1: Purchase a license for the current release of the PDF-2, SIeve, or PDF-4+. Option 2: Extend your original license for one additional five (5) year term, free of charge, provided that the licensed user has the same organization name and address (i.e., the registered user), and the product license has not been previously renewed or converted to a PDF-4+ product.

All PDF-4 products are licensed for one (1) year. ICDD offers a subscription service that provides automatic renewals for your PDF-4 products. Prior to the expiration of your license, ICDD will automatically invoice and ship your PDF-4 renewal based on your original invoice date.

Academic Pricing Policy
An academic price is awarded to degree-granting (Assoc., B.S., M.S., Ph.D.) institutions. The name of the institution must appear on the degree in order to qualify for the academic pricing. Institutions may be required to submit documentation to verify eligibility. Please consult ICDD's price list for eligible products.

Site License Policy†
ICDD's Site License Policy is designed for a multiuser laboratory to facilitate multiple licenses of the PDF-2 or PDF-4 databases at a single site. A single site is defined by the building where the database will be installed. Multiple users in different buildings need to purchase separate site licenses for each building.

A site license includes the purchase of a Master License, plus the purchase of Secondary Licenses (discounted additional licenses). Site licenses are no longer limited to 10 database licenses. The site is still determined by a building; however, customers can now purchase an unlimited number of additional licenses at discounted pricing. The number of licenses is determined by the number of computers that will be running the database. ICDD requires that the Master License and all Secondary Licenses be purchased concurrently on a single purchase order. ICDD does not offer licensing for local servers or networks.

Site License Renewals
In order to take advantage of the site license renewal pricing, both the Master License, and the Secondary Licenses of the database must be renewed yearly. To renew a site license, ICDD requires that the Master License and all Secondary Licenses, be purchased concurrently on a single purchase order.

Adding Licenses to a Site
In order to add additional licenses to an established site, all database licenses in the site must be updated to the current release.

Combo Site License Subscription
ICDD offers a combination site license that allows for multiple licenses of the PDF-2 or PDF-4 databases† at a single site. The combo site license is serviced by subscription with yearly automatic renewals based on the anniversary of the original invoice date for the PDF-2 or PDF-4 databases†. ICDD will automatically bill and ship renewal licensed products as specified in ICDD's then current price list.

Multiyear Site License
In response to customer requests, ICDD offers multiyear site licenses. The multiyear site license is offered as a convenience to our customers using site license pricing. This license is serviced by subscription and is available for a PDF-2 site, a PDF-4+ site, a WebPDF-4+ site, a combo PDF-2/PDF-4+/WebPDF-4+ site, or a PDF-4/Organics site.

Multiyear License Policy
To assist customers with their yearly renewals, ICDD offers multiyear licenses that allow you to prepay for future renewals. The multiyear license renewal pricing provides savings on yearly license renewals, along with fixed pricing on the renewal for the purchased license term. Multiyear pricing is available for PDF-2, PDF-4+, WebPDF-4+, and PDF-4/Organics. If the price for these products increases during your multiyear license period, you will not be billed the difference.

Multiyear license renewal pricing for PDF-4/Minerals, SIeve, and SIeve+ is offered as a convenience to our customers. It is not subject to the discount offered with our other multiyear licenses.
Please contact ICDD for further information.

To purchase a multiyear license, users need to purchase the current release of the PDF new, or renew their license to the present release using the current prices. Users may then purchase additional years for their license. All shipping charges will be billed on the original invoice. The multiyear license is serviced by subscription with yearly automatic renewals based on the anniversary of the original invoice date for both the PDF-2 and PDF-4 databases. For each year in your multiyear license, you will receive the newest release of your PDF product. You will need to install and register your new product for each release.

Since ICDD's search-indexing software (SIeve and SIeve+) is linked to the PDF-2 and PDF-4 release year, customers utilizing this software are encouraged to purchase a multiyear license for the software along with their multiyear license for the database. The multiyear license for SIeve and SIeve+ is serviced by subscription as described in the paragraph above.

Installation & Registration
ICDD databases require registration to comply with the legal requirements of our collaborative agreements. When renewing your PDF license, ICDD recommends that you contact ICDD or your software vendor to determine your data analysis software requirements.

ICDD products (PDF-2, PDF-4+, PDF-4/Minerals, PDF-4/Organics, SIeve and SIeve+) are automatically activated for a temporary license period (30 days) with the initial installation. Users are required to register their database and/or software in order to obtain a full license from ICDD to extend beyond 30 days. The integrated registration software will guide users through the registration process. The registration information may then be sent to ICDD by the web (preferred), email, fax or mail. When ICDD receives the registration information, a registration key for the full license will be created and sent to the user. A registration key will be issued within 48 hours (Monday through Friday) of receipt of the registration information. If you have not heard from us within 48 hours, kindly fax us your registration (610.325.9823) noting that it is a second request or call us at 610.325.9814.

Contact ICDD for WebPDF-4+ registration information.

For further licensing information, please visit:

Visit our Product & Registration Tutorials site:

PDF-4+Scholar – Multiyear License for Academics
scholar Customers will need to purchase the current release of PDF-4+ and SIeve+ in order to purchase the PDF-4+Scholar Package. Customers with a current release of the database will only need to purchase the PDF4+Scholar Package.

Like all PDF-4 products, the PDF-4+Scholar Package is handled by automatic subscription. Your yearly automatic renewals will be shipped based on the anniversary of the original invoice for the PDF-4+Scholar Package. For each year in your PDF-4+Scholar multiyear license, you will receive the newest release of the PDF-4+. The last release in the package will be the PDF-4+Scholar product, which is licensed for five years.

Product warranty is on the preferred computer specifications associated with the product release. If you need to change your computer specifications, ICDD recommends that you reference the ReadMe.txt or product insert for your product release to check for compatibility.

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PDF-4/Minerals is not eligible for site licensing. Site and multiyear site licenses for PDF-4/Organics cannot be combined with other PDF databases.

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