Site Licensing

Site License Policy†
ICDD's Site License Policy is designed for a multiuser laboratory to facilitate multiple licenses of the PDF-2 or PDF-4 databases at a single site. A single site is defined by the building where the database will be installed. Multiple users in different buildings need to purchase separate site licenses for each building.

A site license includes the purchase of a Master License, plus the purchase of Secondary Licenses (discounted additional licenses). Site licenses are no longer limited to 10 database licenses. The site is still determined by a building; however, customers can now purchase an unlimited number of additional licenses at discounted pricing. The number of licenses is determined by the number of computers that will be running the database. ICDD requires that the Master License and all Secondary Licenses be purchased concurrently on a single purchase order. ICDD does not offer licensing for local servers or networks.

Site License Renewals
In order to take advantage of the site license renewal pricing, both the Master License, and the Secondary Licenses of the database must be renewed yearly. To renew a site license, ICDD requires that the Master License and all Secondary Licenses, be purchased concurrently on a single purchase order.

Adding Licenses to a Site
In order to add additional licenses to an established site, all database licenses in the site must be updated to the current release.

Combo Site License Subscription
ICDD offers a combination site license that allows for multiple licenses of the PDF-2 or PDF-4 databases† at a single site. The combo site license is serviced by subscription with yearly automatic renewals based on the anniversary of the original invoice date for the PDF-2 or PDF-4 databases†. ICDD will automatically bill and ship renewal licensed products as specified in ICDD's then current price list.

Multiyear Site License
In response to customer requests, ICDD offers multiyear site licenses. The multiyear site license is offered as a convenience to our customers using site license pricing. This license is serviced by subscription and is available for a PDF-2 site, a PDF-4+ site, a WebPDF-4+ site, a combo PDF-2/PDF-4+/WebPDF-4+ site, or a PDF-4/Organics site.

For further licensing information, please visit:

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PDF-4/Minerals is not eligible for site licensing. Site and multiyear site licenses for PDF-4/Organics cannot be combined with other PDF databases.



*Please see Product Policies. Must have the current product release to take advantage of Multi-year License Pricing.

Please contact ICDD’s Customer Service Department for further information.

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