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WebPDF-4+ 2018- Purchase

Data on the Go

WebPDF-4+ provides portability to the PDF-4+ database via the internet. It enables access to the entire suite of programs and data files, so that it is equivalent to PDF-4+ 2018. WebPDF-4+ can be used on any computer that meets the specifications and has access to a high-speed internet connection (see Preferred Computer Specifications right). WebPDF-4+ is delivered as a USB compatible dongle, which supplies an access key to PDF-4+. There is no need to work with a CD or DVD. The dongle is programmable, so that installation and renewals are handled via the internet.

WebPDF-4+ requires that you have access to a high-speed internet connection. Your organization/site must permit TCP/IP communication ports to be opened through any firewall. You will need to check with your third party software vendor to ensure that their software can interface to WebPDF-4+. PDF-4+ is a large database with a complex database structure. Capability and speed can be severely compromised if you are not accessing a high-speed internet connection.

How is WebPDF-4+ priced?
WebPDF-4+ is priced identically to PDF-4+. WebPDF-4+ can be used with site licenses or multi-year licenses. Users can also convert their PDF-4+ or PDF-2 license to WebPDF-4+ using our conversion pricing.

How is WebPDF-4+ licensed?
WebPDF-4+ is licensed for 12 months. Yearly renewals are required.

How do I register my license for WebPDF-4+?
The dongle must be registered at the licensee’s main address or “home base”. In other words, the registration must be completed at the end user’s organization. Registration must also be in accordance with the end user information (name of end user, organization, address) that was received at ICDD for the initial license purchase.

How will my license renewal be handled the following year?
All PDF-4 products are handled through an automatic subscription service. ICDD will bill you for the new release of your WebPDF-4+ product based on the anniversary of your original invoice date for the license. For instance, if you purchased your initial license for WebPDF-4+ 2018 in September 2017, ICDD will bill you for WebPDF-4+ 2019 renewal in September 2018.

Your license renewal and registration will be handled via the internet, similar to your initial registration. You will be required to download new software, and register your product with each new release of the WebPDF-4+.

Where can the WebPDF-4+ dongle be used?
The WebPDF-4+ can be used on any computer that meets the specifications and has access to a high-speed internet connection (see Preferred Computer Specifications). You will need to install the software on each computer that you will be using to access the database. The dongle will validate each login after registration. The dongle must always be present on the computer that you will be using to access the database. Access is granted to WebPDF-4+ only from a local computer. The dongle cannot be used on a server.

Pricing is available for multiyear & site licenses. Please contact the ICDD's Customer Service Department for further information.

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