Board of Director Profile

James A. Kaduk

James A. Kaduk
Past Chairman (2004-2006)

Current ICDD Clinic Faculty

Poly Crystallography Inc.
Naperville, IL

After retiring from Amoco/BP/INEOS Technologies, Analytical Sciences Research Division, Naperville, Illinois, Jim began his consulting firm, Poly Crystallography Inc.  He is also a Research Professor of Chemistry at Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago, and an Adjunct Professor of Physics at North Central College in Naperville.  While at INEOS, Jim served as an Associate Research Scientist running the XRD Laboratory. There, he characterized a wide variety of materials, including catalysts, organic small molecules, coordination complexes, polymers, corrosion deposits, and various sorts of crud. He is well-known for solving and refining crystal structures from powder diffraction data.

Jim is a former Chairman of the Board of Directors of the International Centre for Diffraction Data, and currently serves as Treasurer.  He is a former Chair of the U. S. National Committee for Crystallography, Treasurer of the American Crystallographic Association, and Co-Editor of Acta Crystallographica B: Structural Science and Advances in X-ray Analysis.  He is currently a Consultant to the IUCr Commission on Powder Diffraction a member of several other IUCr Commissions and Committees, and a member of the Denver X-ray Conference Organizing Committee. He is one of the three editors of the forthcoming Volume H of the International Tables for Crystallography on powder diffraction.  He is a member of the faculty of the ACA summer school on small-molecule crystallography, and teaches at other short courses and workshops around the world.

His more than 200 publications deal principally with the solution and refinement of crystal structures using powder data. He has contributed more than 650 patterns to the Powder Diffraction File®.