Board of Director Profile


Scott Misture
Past Chairman (2012-2016)


Alfred Unviversity


NYS College of Ceramics, Binns Merrill Hall, 2 Pine Street, Alfred, NY 14802 U.S.A.


1990- B.S. Ceramic Engineering, Alfred University
1994 - Ph.D. Ceramic Science, Alfred University
1994-1996 - Materials, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Research Interests:

Oxides, in particular the electrical behaviors of bulk materials, thin films, and nanostructured devices. Emphasis on fuel cells, batteries, hydrogen catalysts, and gas separation membranes. Advanced characterization, in particular diffraction and scattering, including neutron and synchrotron studies.

Brief Career History:
  • 1993-1994 - Fellowship at Se
  • Principal Editor, Journal of Materials Research (2010-present)
  • American Ceramic Society Basic Science Division Secretary, Vice Chair, Chair-Elect and Chair (2008 onward); Membership Committee (2009-2011, Chair 2009 and 2011)
  • Beamline advisory team member: NSLS II in-situ powder diffraction beamline (2010 onward)
  • Member of the Lujan Center User Group Executive Committee (2009-present)
  • Associate Editor, X-Ray Optics and Instrumentation (2008-present)
  • Member of the Denver X-Ray Conference Organizing Committee, (2002-present)


ICDD Activities:

2007 - 2012 - Chair of the Technical Committee

2004 - 2007 - Deputy Chair of the Technical Committee

March 1998 – 2004 - Chair of the X-Ray Methods Subcommittee: Organized and/or chaired several task groups related to x-ray optics, x-ray reflectivity, profile fitting, and high temperature diffraction.

1997 – 2009 - Bioceramic materials subfile chair.