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ICDD Profile > 2002 March Meeting Schedule - Technical Committee Meeting

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Technical Committee
Thursday, 21 March 2002
International Centre Headquarters
Conference Room A
1000-1230 p.m.
J.A. Kaduk, Chairman 

1.  Call to Order and Opening Remarks  J.A. Kaduk
2. Roll Call and Attendance Secretary
3. Additions and/or Deletions to the Agenda  J.A. Kaduk
4. Approval of the Minutes   J.A. Kaduk
5. Introduction of Guests J.A. Kaduk
6. Reports/Presentations of Regional Co-Chairs and International Guests  
  A. Australia/South Asia  B. O'Connor
  B. European Community  D. Rafaja
  C. France  D. Louėr
  D. Eastern Pacific Rim  N. Ishizawa
  E. Russia  E. Antipov
  F. England  D. Taylor
7. Subcommittee Reports and Motions  
  A. Materials  
  1) Ceramics  E. Antipov
  2) Metals and Alloys H. Jones
  3) Minerals  A. McDonald
  4) Organic and Pharmaceutical  G. Stephenson
  5) Polymers  S. Murthy
  B. Characterization Methods and Tools  
  1) Electron Diffraction  A. Eades
  2) High Pressure and High Temperature  C. Prewitt
  3) X-ray Diffraction Methods  S. Misture
  C. ICDD Activities  
  1) Education  S. Quick
  2) PDF Editorial Staff  F. McClune
8. New Business  J.A. Kaduk
9. Adjournment