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International Centre For Diffraction Data
Thursday, 17 March 2005
1:30 – 3:30 p.m.
Conference Room A
J. Kaduk, Chairman

Order of Business

I. Chairman's Opening Remarks - J. Kaduk

II. Welcome Overseas Guests and First Time Attendees - J. Kaduk

III. Awards - J. Kaduk

IV. Solicitation of Candidates for Appointment to the Nominating - T . Maguire

Committee for the 2006 Election of Officers and Directors

V. Review of Board of Directors’ Activities and Strategic Planning - T. Fawcett

VI. Review of Headquarters’ Activity

VII. Reports of Selected Board of Directors’ Committees and Task Groups - J. Kaduk

A. Awards Committee - D. Louer
B. Grant-in-Aid Committee - B. Mayo
C. Membership Committee - T. Huang
D. Scholarship - B. O’Connor

VIII. Denver X-ray Conference Report - DXC Organizing Committee

IX. Reports of the Technical Committee - R. Goehner

X. Report of the Finance Committee - J. Messick

XI. New Business - J. Kaduk

XII. Adjournment



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