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Prof. Michel Barsoum

A Distinguished Professor at Drexel University, received his B.Sc. in Materials Engineering from the American University in Cairo, Egypt in 1977, his M.S. from University of Missouri-Rolla, Rolla, MO, in 1980, and his Ph.D. in Ceramics from the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at the MIT in 1985. Dr. Barsoum's current research interests, among others, focus on developing and characterizing ceramic-based materials for high temperature applications. Dr. Barsoum and his research group were the first to fabricate and fully characterize an important new class of machinable ternary carbides and nitrides, the so-called MAX phases. He is the author of the textbook, Fundamentals of Ceramics, (Institute of Physics, 2003). Dr. Barsoum has authored or co-authored over 180 publications, has 9 U.S. patents awarded and 5 pending. In 2000 he was awarded a Humboldt-Max Planck Research Award for Senior U.S. Research Scientists and spent his sabbatical year at the Max Planck Institute in Stuttgart , Germany.  He is fellow of the American Ceramic Society and the World Academy of Ceramics.




Dr. Cyrus Crowder

A member of the Global Inorganic Analysis Technology Leadership Team at the Dow Chemical Company, Cyrus Crowder has 25 years of experience in industrial applications of X-ray powder diffraction technology.  He received his BS in Chemistry at the University of Missouri - Rolla in 1976 and followed that with 2 years of teaching high school physical sciences and mathematics in Missouri.  He returned to the University of Missouri - Rolla to receive an MS degree in Physical Chemistry in 1980 and a PhD in 1982 using neutron diffraction to do structural studies on magnetic intermetallics and their hydrides.  Dr. Crowder joined the Dow Chemical Company in 1982 and has been active in the field of X-ray diffraction since that time.  He was co-winner of an IR-100 award in 1987 for his work on the development of the combination DSC/XRD instrument and co-winner of the International Zeolite Association Breck Award in 1989 for his determination of the structure of VPI-5 - a molecular sieve with the largest known pores at the time.  He served for four years on the Board of Directors of the ICDD (1994-1998) and was elected ICDD Fellow in 2000.  His current responsibilities at Dow include Global Technology Steward for X-ray diffraction and tomography in Dow's Analytical Sciences Laboratories and representative for Dow on the DND-Cat BoD at the APS synchrotron, Argonne National Laboratory. 


Dr. John Faber

The ICDD's Principal Scientist and Clinic Technical Director, Dr. Faber is responsible for creating and directing a team of specialists to develop new products based on relational database (RDB) technology. The technical initiatives include conversion from existing data structures, database design, security, licensing, and utilization of web-based e-commerce. The work of Dr. Faber and his team have transitioned the database to a tool for rapid identification, total pattern analysis, and data mining. Dr. Faber has built major marketing and business ties with OEMs and 3rd party developers. His past experience includes employment at the University of Illinois at Chicago as the Associate Director of Research; Amoco Corporation as Associate Research Scientist and Senior Research Scientist; and Argonne National Laboratory as a Staff Scientist. His education includes Assoc. in Applied Science, DeVry Technical Institute, Chicago, IL. He received his B.E.E. and Ph.D. at Marquette Universit , Milwaukee, WI . Dr. Faber was elected Fellow of the ICDD in 2005.


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