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Plenary Session

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Titanic Exhibit - Social Event

Poster Session
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Poster Session
Gold Ballroom at the Concordville Inn


Ludo Frevel Crystallography Scholarship Recipient

Detailed Meeting Schedulepdf

Meeting Agendas

Annual Meeting of Memberspdf
Technical Committee Meetingpdf

Agendas for Technical Subcommittee Meetings

Ceramics Subcommitteepdf– Peter Zavalij, Chairman
Metals and Alloys Subcommitteepdf – Peter Wallace, Chairman
Micro and Meso Subcommittee – Scott Speakman, Chairman
Minerals Subcommitteepdf – Jim Kaduk, Chairman
Organic and Pharmaceutical Subcommitteepdf – Fred Wireko, Chairman
Polymers Subcommitteepdf – Lizhi Liu, Chairman

Characterization Methods and Tools:
Electron Diffraction Subcommitteepdf – Bryan Wheaton, Chairman
Non-Ambient Diffraction Subcommittee – Andrew Payzant, Chairman
Synchrotron & Neutron Scattering Methods Subcommitteepdf – Matthew Suchomel, Chairman
X-ray Diffraction Methods Subcommitteepdf – Robert Papoular, Chairman

ICDD Activities:
Education Subcommitteepdf – Carlo Segre, Chairman
PDF Editorial Staff Subcommitteepdf – ICDD Editor-in-Chief – Soorya N. Kabekkodu, Chairman