Spring Meetings provide a forum for the exchange of ideas and information pertinent to the scientific community and to organize, plan, and review policies and procedures within the ICDD organization.

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Agendas for Technical Subcommittee Meetings:

Annual Meeting of Memberspdf   Subcommittee Chair
Technical Committee Meetingpdf      
    Ceramicspdf Peter Zavalij
Plenary   Metals and Alloyspdf Peter Wallace
    Micro and Mesopdf Scott Speakman
    Minerals pdf Jim Kaduk
    Organic and Pharmaceuticalpdf Fred Wireko
    Polymerspdf Lizhi Liu
    Characterization Methods and Tools:  
    Electron Diffractionpdf Bryan Wheaton
    Non-Ambient Diffraction Andrew Payzant
    Synchrotron & Neutron Scattering Methodspdf Matthew Suchomel
    X-ray Diffraction Methodspdf Robert Papoular
    X-ray Fluorescencepdf Mark Rodriguez
    ICDD Activities:  
    Education Carlo Segre
    PDF Editorial Staff pdf Soorya N. Kabekkodu