ICDD Staff

new capabilites



Dr. Timothy Fawcett

Executive Director

Theresa Maguire

Corporate Secretary

Amy Gindhart, M.S.

Quality Management Representative

Linda Shertz

Executive Secretary/Quality Records Administrator

Allison Gasperetti

Receptionist and Information Clerk



Donna Barry

Business Manager

Christine Naughton

Assistant Business Manager 

Helen McDonnell

Marketing and Communications Manager

Ben Hish

Marketing Associate

Rick Santangelo

Graphic Designer

Megan Washko

Graphic Designer

Christine Houghton

Accounting Assistant

Melissa Mitchell

Accounting Assistant

Jenny-Rebecca Cannon

Customer Service Representative

Georgia Kazimierczak

Customer Service Representative

Brian Morris

Facilities Coordinator

Conference Services


Theresa Maguire

Manager of Conference Services

Denise Zulli

Conference Coordinator

Eileen Jennings

Education Coordinator

Stephanie Jennings

Conference Assistant



Dr. Thomas Blanton

Principal Scientist and Database Manager

Dr. Soorya Kabekkodu


Dr. Stacy Gates-Rector

Senior Scientific Editor, Project Leader - New Projects

Megan Rost

Editorial Technician

Amy Gindhart, M.S.

Senior Scientific Editor, Project Leader – Data Entry and Processing

Michael Carr

Scientific Editor II

Lisa Lanno

PDF Associate

Janet Grande

PDF Technician

Jackie Hollencamp

PDF Technician

Dr. Diane Sagnella

Senior Scientific Programmer

Vesna Bosnic

Senior Database Programmer

Denise DelCasale

Grant Coordinator

Nicole Ernst Boris

Senior Bibliographer and Managing Editor of Powder Diffraction

Joseph Sunzeri

Information Technology Manager

Rhonda Dougherty

Desktop Support Specialist

Engineering and Design


Justin Blanton

Manager of Engineering and Design

Monika Kottenhahn


Yuming Si

Senior Software Engineer

Chuck Weth

Senior Software Engineer

Rose Vithayathil

Software Engineer

Clement Karumuhinzi

Software Engineer


Executive Director:
Timothy Fawcett (2001-2017)
Julian Messick (interim 2001)
Ron Jenkins (1998-2001)

General Manager:

Ron Jenkins (1996-1998)
Helein Hitchcock (interim 1996)
Daniel Richardson (1995-1996)
Julian Messick (1983-1994)
Jesse Caum (1979-1983)
Andrew W. Danko (1973-1979)
Roger G. Simard (1970-1973)