Employment Opportunities 

The International Centre for Diffraction Data is seeking a new Executive Director (ED) responsible for overall management of ICDD business and operations. Reporting to the Board of Directors (BOD), the ED acts as contracting and fiscal officer, manages the yearly and long term strategic planning and the activities of the senior staff, and is responsible for development and benchmarking of compensation. The ED is also the scientific representative of the ICDD, with responsibility for marketing and for technical and sales publications released to the public.

Applications are accepted in electronic form. Please submit your CV, application letter, and any material you might consider relevant, to the Corporate Secretary, Terry Maguire, with emails directed to maguire@icdd.com.

Open until filled. Applications will be reviewed as they are received. Full consideration will be given to applications received before 15 October 2016.

POSITION START DATE: after 1 January 2017

Board of Directors via Corporate Secretary, Terry Maguire at maguire@icdd.com


Executive Director – Job Description


The Executive Director of the corporation is responsible for the total effort required to conduct corporate affairs. He/she has general supervision over the business and operations of the ICDD, subject, however to the control of the Board of Directors. The Executive Director is responsible for execution of the mission and vision of the organization through the process of strategic planning:

ICDD Vision - The International Centre for Diffraction Data will continue to develop tools and support the education required for materials analyses of tomorrow.

ICDD Mission - The International Centre for Diffraction Data will continue to be the world center for quality diffraction and related data to meet the needs of the technical community. ICDD promotes the application of materials characterization methods in science and technology by providing forums for the exchange of ideas and information.


The essential duties and responsibilities include, but are not limited to the following:

  • The Executive Director (ED) serves as the contracting and fiscal officer of the organization and is the primary liaison with the legal counsel and the Board of Directors (BoD). As such, a major duty of the ED is to inform the legal counsel and the BoD of major contracts, evaluate the contract impact upon the long term health of the organization, and utilize the appropriate expert advice from BoD, counsel and staff. As the ICDD has a business built upon strategic alliances, there are >150 contracts active at any given time between grants, contractors, distributors and data alliance partners.

  • The ED has oversight of the fiscal/financial operations and is primarily responsible for the development, assessment and execution of the organization’s strategic plan. This involves the integration of several planning elements, which include annual goals and objectives, annual strategic priorities, the budget and strategic planning documents, and finally the long term strategic plan. In cooperation with other ICDD managers, these plans are integrated with processes such as ISO certification and documentation, financial audits and a range of customer surveys.

  • The ED manages the activities of the senior staff. Senior staff includes Principal Scientist/Database Manager, Business Manager, Conference Service Manager, Engineering and Design Manager, and Editor-in-Chief. When filled, these positions have management and project responsibilities for the primary groups comprising the organization. The ED also serves as a scientific representative of the ICDD.

  • The ED serves on all committees and is a nonvoting member of the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee, as required. The ED has oversight responsibility to ensure that motions and action items approved by the BoD are acted upon by the ICDD staff.

  • The ED, working with the Business Manager, has primary responsibility for administering compensation, including all salaries and benefits. As a team, they benchmark both salary and benefits, review annual changes, and work with the BoD to develop long term compensation philosophy and positioning.

  • The ED must be willing to travel. The ICDD is an international organization and representatives need to travel on a frequent basis to work with our international membership and global distributors.

It should be noted that the above duties require written plans and documentation, consistent with a transparent, not-for-profit educational organization.


The ED frequently performs additional duties tailored to the specific experiences and qualifications of a director for the benefit of the organization. These duties could change with time depending on the director’s qualification and the qualifications of the management staff members, and include the following:

  • Oversight responsibility for marketing, sales and technical publications released to the public. This includes the annual product catalog and public reports. Additionally, the ED has oversight of all web activities and published web content.

  • Providing direct day-to-day supervision for the office staff, which includes the Receptionist/Information Clerk and the Executive Secretary.

  • Providing support and guidance for marketing and sales. This includes strategic planning, market assessment, distributor relations, and participation in international meetings and trade shows.

  • Teaching: The ED often serves as ICDD’s radiation safety officer. As such, he ensures safety in all clinics and workshops that employ X-ray generating equipment. The ED also is expected to have experience with phase identification and have a working understanding of materials analysis in areas such as polymer characterization, pharmaceutical analyses, ceramic analyses, metals and alloys analysis, and amorphous/semicrystalline material analyses. In a typical year, the ED may provide 20-30 lectures on topics regarding materials characterization, and will often provide frequent support for workshops. The ED may also be called upon to develop tutorials and educational products as part of his teaching responsibilities. The ICDD attempts to increase its market by a “teach, then sell” strategy. 

  • Contract writing: Understanding of contracts and supporting documentation is a very important aspect of the ED’s responsibilities. The ability to write legal contracts is considered a plus for ED candidates, but not a requirement for the position.


The successful applicant must be able to perform each essential duty satisfactorily. The requirements listed below are representative of the knowledge, skill, and/or ability required.

Education and/or experience

The ED should have experience that blends business skills with experience in analytical methods as used in the materials, chemistry, biology and/or physics fields. The ED will lead an organization of highly educated individuals and should hold an advanced degree. Typically, this means that the ED might have a business degree with practical job experience in materials analysis or a Ph.D. in the physical sciences (e.g. Chemistry, Physics, Materials Science, or related fields) with practical job experience in business. The latter would be preferable.

A minimum of ten years related experience and/or training or equivalent combinations of education and experience are envisaged.

Management skills

The successful candidate should demonstrate the ability to:

  • read, analyze, and interpret the most complex documents.
  • respond effectively to the most sensitive of inquiries or complaints.
  • make effective and persuasive speeches and presentations on controversial or complex topics to top management, public groups, and/or Boards of Directors.
  • solve practical problems and deal with a variety of concrete variables in situations where only limited standardization exists.
  • interpret a variety of instructions furnished in written, oral, diagram, or schedule form.

In addition, the ED should have demonstrated experience in employee evaluation and hiring, and consulting with contractors/field experts who can supplement ICDD’s business and technical skills.


The ICDD is an equal opportunity and affirmative action employer.