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A stated goal of the ICDD Technical Committee is to direct future developments of the PDF databases toward full pattern analysis. An first step was to create fully digitized patterns from the PDF and to place the data into a relational database format, both of which occurred with this years release of PDF-4 Full File. The second step is to work with software developers to link the database with sophisticated data analysis programs. The ICDD continues to work with developers and distributors worldwide to make this goal a reality.

MDI Jade 6.5 - The following is an October 1, 2002 press release from Materials Data, Incorporated:


MDI Announces the Release of Jade 6.5. Support for PDF-4 and XML Formats is Added to Full Physics Modeling Version of Jade.

Materials Data will begin shipping Jade 6.5 today. Jade, the industry standard in X-ray powder Diffraction (XRD) analytical software, has evolved into a wide-ranging tool that continues to impress devotees and competitors alike with its ease of use and sophisticated range of features.

LIVERMORE, Calif. - October 1, 2002 - Materials Data, Incorporated, a leader in XRD acquisition, analysis and simulation software, is now shipping Jade 6.5, the latest English language version of its signature software tool for XRD powder pattern processing.

While the feature list in Jade continues to grow with each successive release, new to this version are:

  • PDF-4 database support
  • XML file support
    These features nicely complement major new features introduced with versions 6.0 and 6.1:
  • Whole Pattern Fitting/Rietveld Option
  • Windows 2000 and XP compatibility
  • Xplorer

The International Centre for Diffraction Data, ICDD, the source for most XRD users standard pattern databases, recently introduced a powerful new relational database format called PDF-4. Jade 6 is one of the first XRD analysis codes to support this important new format. A Japanese language version of Jade including support for PDF-4 was introduced last month in Japan. As that market is also one of the largest markets for the ICDD databases, the earlier introduction of a Japanese version was a logical choice for the first market for PDF-4 format support and especially important to all participants.

Another innovation in this version is the introduction of XML support. The importance of this format, intelligently formatted data accessible to other applications such as LIMS for laboratory data management, cannot be exaggerated. Other vendors in this field are adding support for this important format in soon to be released versions of their software, and XML support is expected to quickly become a standard for XRD software.

Beginning with version 6, Jade provides access to whole pattern fitting and Rietveld refinement tools. While Rietveld analysis has generally been considered to be the province of the academic scientist interested in refinement of a crystal structure from a powder pattern, this version of Jade democratizes the powerful tools of full physics simulation to make them available to the larger group of scientists interested in phase identification, quantitative analysis, and other results, in addition to structure refinement. Complicated setups have been simplified by automation so the analyst can concentrate on analysis, not process. If the structure is unknown, whole pattern fitting using standard patterns leads to excellent results for truly complicated systems that were previously intractable. Together, whole pattern fitting and Rietveld analysis combined with the other tools available in Jade 6.5 offer the very best analyses capability today for XRD analysis.

Microsoft's 2000 and XP operating systems are fully supported, providing better security and reliability, making a shift to these operating systems a smart move for XRD professionals. While Jade provides full compliance with 2000 and XP, it also provides backwards compatibility with earlier 32-bit versions of Windows.

Massive disk capacity and the popularity of networks make it harder than ever to keep track of important XRD files. Jade's Xplorer utility treats this problem via an intelligent assistant, capable of finding all relevant XRD files scattered throughout an organization's network. Jade Xplorer's smart agent can quickly locate and help organize all XRD files, including files on remote, shared-network drives.

Pricing for Jade 6.5 varies based on options/configuration. Registered users of earlier versions may qualify for an upgrade discount to Jade 6.5. Pricing information for Jade 6.5 can be obtained by contacting Scott Cole via telephone at 925-449-1084 or via email at: mdi@materialsdata.com

About Materials Data Incorporated
Materials Data, Incorporated (MDI) creates software solutions for the X-ray Powder Diffraction market. The industry-leading tools that MDI develops and distributes (Jade, Shadow, Riqas, jPowd, Ruby, Databox, DataScan and FilmScan), have a large user base worldwide among laboratories installing new equipment as well as those laboratories seeking to modernize their acquisition and analyses methods. Headquartered in Livermore, California, USA, MDI (http://www.materialsdata.com/) is the largest independent XRD PC software company in the U.S.

2002 Materials Data, Incorporated. All rights reserved. Jade, Riqas, Shadow, jPowd, FilmScan, DataScan and Databox Elements are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Materials Data Incorporated in the United States and/or other countries. Microsoft, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows NT, Windows98 and Windows 95 are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.



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