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The International Centre for Diffraction Data is dedicated to promoting materials characterization methods to the diffraction community. As part of this effort, the ICDD provides  assistance to the scientific community through a variety of approaches:

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Introduction to the Powder Diffraction File: The PDF-4 Family of Relational Databases
The PDF is a collection of 272,000 material data sets that have been characterized by X-ray analysis and edited to include physical properties, experimental preparation and literature citations. The PDF-4 product line offers total pattern analysis with unprecedented power to do full data mining with Boolean searches of all data fields. Learn more about the PDF-4 from this online overview.

The Advances in X-ray Analysis- Proceedings of the Denver X-ray Conference
The ICDD is pleased to present access to Advances in X-ray Analysis (AXA) - the proceedings of the Denver X-ray Conferences in Adobe Acrobat PDF form.  Browse by title or search by keyword, including author name. Results indicate the title, author, and file size.

Grant-in-Aid Program
Each year, the International Centre for Diffraction Data extends financial support in the form of grants-in-aid to a limited number of qualified investigators for the preparation of reference X-ray powder diffraction data.

Request for ICDD Financial Support of Scientific Meetings, Workshops, and Symposia
The ICDD recently implemented a formal application process for requesting ICDD financial support for scientific meetings, conferences, and workshops.  Fill out the Request Form online or download a PDF version of the Request Form.

Powder Diffraction Journal
Powder Diffraction is a quarterly journal devoted to the use of the powder method for materials characterization. The journal's focus is on materials characterization employing X-ray powder diffraction techniques.

Powder Diffraction Data Submission
Incentives for providing the ICDD with powder diffraction data

ICDD Awards and Student Scholarships
As part of its philanthropic goals, the International Centre for Diffraction Data offers a number of awards, grants and honors. Most of these awards are open to workers in the field of X-ray materials analysis. These documents describe each award and give information about the submission process as well as listing past award recipients.

Clinic Tuition Waivers
In pursuing its dynamic commitment to education, the ICDD offers a limited number of tuition waivers for the Clinic on X-ray Powder Diffraction and the Clinic on X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometry

Downloadable Documents - Licenses, etc.
PDF3 and the CIFSTAR Data Format, Hazards in the Use of X-ray Analytical Instrumentation, Grant-in-Aid documents, Licenses, Manuals, and TXT2PSI Software

The open posting of relevant questions is one method the ICDD uses to actively support and promote the advancement of materials characterization methods. 

Support for the Academic Community
The ICDD provides a 30% educational discount to qualifying academic institutions for many of our products, licenses, and services. To find out if your institution qualifies for the educational discount, or if you would like to know which products qualify for the educational discounts, please contact an ICDD customer service representative.