ICDD Awards - Distinguished Fellowship Award 2004

Dr. Robert L. Snyder Named as an ICDD Distinguished Fellow

The ICDD is pleased to announce the naming of our 2004 Distinguished Fellow, Dr. Robert L. Snyder, of the Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA.

Camden Hubbard and Robert Snyder (March 2004)

As an ICDD member for more than 30 years, Dr. Robert Snyder has served the organization in a wide number of ways, often with unequalled energy and vision. In addition to his service as an active member and chairman of numerous task groups, Dr. Snyder has also contributed to ICDD in his roles as Ceramic Subcommittee Chairman, Member-at-Large (1990-1994), Technical Committee Chairman (1986-1990), Chairman (1996-2000), and most recently as Past Chairman (2000-2004). In addition, he has often been referred to as the "ICDD Ambassador to the World."

Dr. Snyder was instrumental in redirecting the vision of ICDD and establishing the goal to broaden our membership to the international community. Our current membership is nearly 350, with representation in 41 countries.

Dr. Snyder served as a key visionary in the establishment of cooperative agreements between the ICDD and crystallographic databases. He personally led negotiations with FIZ (Fachinformationszentrum), NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology), CCDC (Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre), and later helped to establish a collaboration with MPDS (Material Phases Data System). These collaborations have led to an explosive growth in the PDF with comprehensive coverage of calculated and experimental diffraction patterns of the world's materials.

Simultaneously with these efforts, Dr. Snyder continued to educate and advance the science of X-ray analysis. Since the 1980s, he has been a leader in developing programs for automation and quantitative analysis. Dr. Snyder worked for many years with Siemens to promote the use of computers in powder diffraction analysis. He has coauthored fundamental texts on X-ray powder diffractometry and analysis, and continues to lecture and educate at various scientific meetings around the world.

Congratulations to Dr. Robert Snyder, along with our sincere appreciation for his relentless energy, wisdom, and leadership in nurturing the ICDD to its current stature.

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