ICDD Awards - Distinguished Fellowship Award 2005

Dr. Gregory J. McCarthy Named as an ICDD Distinguished Fellow

The ICDD is pleased to announce the naming of our 2005 Distinguished Fellow, Dr. Gregory J. McCarthy, North Dakota State University

Jim Kaduk and Greg McCarthy (March 2005)

Dr. Gregory J. McCarthy was named the 2005 Distinguished Fellow at the Annual Meeting of ICDD Members in March. Dr. McCarthy began his affiliation with the ICDD in 1969 and, over the last three decades, served the organization in various roles. The leadership and vision displayed in Dr. McCarthy’s historical efforts were instrumental in structuring the foundation of the modern ICDD organization, and contributed to the success that ICDD experiences today.

ICDD Activities 1969-1998

  • Attended first JCPDS meeting in 1969 at ASTM Headquarters. Became active in the Technical Committee as a Grant-in-Aid recipient in 1971. For 25 years, directed a grant entitled Preparation of Reference X-ray Powder Data for Minerals, Ceramics and Common Organic Materials, January 1971 to March 1995.
  • Member since 1973; Fellow since 2000.
  • Appointed (by W.L. Fink) Chairman, Technical Committee in 1973 (but first had to be elected as a JCPDS member!) and served in this post from 1973-1982 (before this became an elective office) – stepped down on becoming Chairman of the BoD in 1982. Launched numerous subcommittees during 1974-76, including the Mineral, Computer, and Search/Match Subcommittees.
  • Board of Directors, 1973-1990; Vice-Chairman, 1980-82; Chairman, 1982-1986; Past-Chairman, 1986-1990.
  • Developed and taught (in Swarthmore, with J.D. Hanawalt in attendance!) the first PDF Workshop in 1974. Offered the first external workshop at FACSS/Indianapolis in 1975. Wrote the first PDF Manual and led JCPDS’s first workshop at the Denver X-ray Conference in August 1976.
  • Chairman, Minerals and Ceramics Committee, 1988-1991; Education Committee, 1996-1998; Denver Conference Liaison Committee, 1996-1998. Instructor, "ICDD Clinic on X-ray Diffraction Analysis," June, 1990, 1992, 1993.
  • Denver X-ray Conference: Co-Chairman 27th Conference in August 1978, and 40th Conference (1991); Denver Conference Organizing Committee, 1989-1993. Co-Organizer of PICXAM (1991). Organizer and/or instructor of Workshops on Qualitative and Quantitative X-ray Diffraction Analysis and Computer Identification Methods at the 1976-1978, 1980, 1982, 1983, 1985, 1987-1995, and 1997 Conferences.
  • Editor for New Diffraction Data, Powder Diffraction published by the American Institute of Physics, New York, 1987-1997.
  • H.F. McMurdie Award, International Centre for Diffraction Data, 2000.

International X-ray Analysis Society, Secretary-Treasurer, Steering Committee, 1998-1999; Incorporator & Treasurer 2000-2005.

Dr. McCarthy currently serves as the Associate Vice President for Interdisciplinary Research at North Dakota State University (NDSU) and Director of the Center for Nanoscale Science and Engineering, the largest interdisciplinary research entity at NDSU.

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