ICDD Awards - Distinguished Fellowship Award 2009

Daniel Louër
The Board of Directors proudly announced the newest ICDD member to receive the title of Distinguished Fellow, Daniel Louër. By definition, a Distinguished Fellow is one who gives long and meritorious service to the ICDD. Throughout his many, many years of contributions to the X-ray powder diffraction community and to ICDD, Daniel meets the criteria with certainty! His major accomplishments include:

  • 40+ years of active involvement in the use of XRD for solid state studies
  • Formed the internationally acclaimed group, Cristallographie des Poudres et Reactivite des Solides, at the University of Rennes
  • Created the premiere indexing program, DICVOL
  • Authored 200+ journal and book chapter publications
  • Designated as an ICDD Fellow
  • Named as the 1992 Hanawalt Award recipient
  • Participated in the ICDD Grant-in-Aid program for many years
  • Contributed 340+ patterns to the Powder Diffraction File
  • Served as Chairman of many ICDD Committees and Subcommittees
  • Provided leadership to ICDD as a member of the Board of Directors

Daniel has elected to receive his award at the 2010 Annual Meeting of Members. Congratulations, Daniel!



Daniel Louër (L), Tom Blanton (R)

The ICDD was happy to recognize Daniel Louër, the 2009 Distinguished Fellow, during the meetings this year, because he was unable to attend the previous year.

Dr. Louër’s scientific work has centered on the determination of the crystal structures of metaloxalates. He is among the pioneers in ab initio structure determination using powder data, demonstrating that this important aspect of powder diffraction was practical.  Dr. Louër’s development of line profile analysis to study the defect structure of ceramic materials has accelerated the drive to total pattern analysis. His renowned indexing program, DICVOL, continues as one of the benchmark methods for assigning unit cells to powder diffraction data.

Within the ICDD, Dr. Louër has been an active member for many, many years, serving in various capacities. He participated in the ICDD Grant-in-Aid Program, consistently submitting high-quality diffraction data for the PDF®. He participated in ICDD round robins, chaired committees, and served as a member of the Board of Directors. He continues today to serve as a committee chairman.


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