2009 Fellow Award


John A. Anzelmo
John A. Anzelmo of Anzelmo and Associates, Inc., Madison, Wisconsin, was recently named an ICDD Fellow for his leadership in ICDD’s Educational Programs. Now the XRF Education Program Director, John began teaching at the XRF Clinics held at the State University of New York (SUNY) in Albany in the 80s, and continued in this role as the clinics were transferred to ICDD in 1991.

Over the years, particularly with the passing of XRF expert instructors, Ron Jenkins and Eugene Bertin, John began to accept more responsibility and provide leadership in the development of the clinic curriculum and customized course instruction. He launched the specialized, annual workshop, “Specimen Preparation for XRF”, the first hands-on training program of its kind, back in 2006. John’s many years of experience have provided him with a wealth of theoretical and practical knowledge, which he generously shares through his interactions with students, via lectures, workshops, or one-on-one networking discussions.

John’s commitment to education is not limited to ICDD activities. He serves as a frequent instructor and speaker at the Annual Denver X-ray Conference, where he also contributes his expertise as a member of the conference’s Organizing Committee.


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