2009 Fellow Award


Larry Arias

Manager XRF – US Applications, Larry Arias of Bruker AXS, Inc., Madison, Wisconsin, was also named an ICDD Fellow. Larry has also played an active role in the ICDD XRF Education Programs; through this award, he is recognized for his many years of leadership and dedication.

Larry began teaching the XRF Clinics when they were held at the State University of New York (SUNY) in Albany, and again later when they were moved to ICDD. In the early years at ICDD, the XRF Clinic was held in two sessions, in which Larry participated. Through his guidance and assistance, the two sessions were later blended into a single course, “Practical X-ray Fluorescence.” Larry was also instrumental in the development of ICDD’s specialized, laboratory-based, and almost entirely hands-on workshop, “Specimen Preparation for XRF.”  In this course, unparallel in applied XRF, students learn how to prepare samples in several different ways, and directly see how the preparation methods affect the results.

With over 30 years of experience in the XRF field, Larry has been exposed to a broad range of analytical challenges in XRF. From his vast knowledge base and commitment to education, Larry continues to successfully train spectroscopists through ICDD’s educational venues, as well as those of Bruker AXS.

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