2010 Fellow Awards

The ICDD Fellow award recognizes individuals who have devoted their time and talent beyond what is normally expected of a member. To receive this award, a member must have served at least two years in one of the following positions: Board Director, Technical Regional Co-chair, Committee Chair or Technical Subcommittee Chair.

This year, the ICDD was pleased to award five ICDD Fellows: Takashi Ida, Regional Co-chair for the Eastern Pacific Rim; Matteo Leoni, Regional Co-chair for the European Community; Lizhi Liu, Polymers Subcommittee Chair; Roman Shpanchenko, Membership Committee Chair and ICDD advocate in the Russian region; Scott Speakman, Micro and Meso Subcommitte Chair.

The Board of Directors will also award an ICDD Fellow to someone who has been a leader in noteworthy ICDD activity. This year, Mary Ann Zaitz was named an ICDD Fellow for her outstanding leadership in teaching for over 20 years at our XRF Clinic, Practical X-ray Fluorescence and the Denver X-ray Conference.

Tom Blanton, Takashi Ida
Matteo Leoni, Tom Blanton
Lizhi Liu, Tom Blanton
Roman Shpanchenko
Scott Speakman, Tom Blanton

Mary Ann Zaitz


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