ICDD Awards - Distinguished Fellowship Award 2011



This year, the Board of Directors recognized Brian O'Connor, Curtin University, Perth, Western Australia as the 2011 Distinguished Fellow. This award is given to a member who has given long and meritorious service to the ICDD.

Over the years, Brian has contributed his expertise to the ICDD, while building a distinguished career within the powder diffraction and crystallographic communities. He has been a member of ICDD since 1983, and has held several positions in the organization including: member of the Board of Directors, Vice-Chairman, and Regional Co-chair for the Indian Ocean Rim. As Co-chair, Brian actively worked with affiliated groups and associations in Australia, Malaysia and India.  He established cooperative relationships between the ICDD and groups such as the AXAA – Australian X-ray Analysis Association, IUCr – International Union of Crystallography, and the Australian Academy of Science. Additionally, he participated in various ICDD workshops and exhibitions held at these venues as well as others in his region.

With over forty years of experience in both single crystal and powder diffraction studies, Brian has made significant research and development contributions to the scientific community. He is known for his advancements in the expansion of modern X-ray and neutron diffraction analysis, including applications of Rietveld crystallographic metrology for material characterization and development of advanced ceramic materials from Western Australian minerals. Brian has authored more than 200 publications, some of which can be found in the ICDD publications, Advances in X-ray Analysis and the journal Powder Diffraction.

The award presentation is scheduled to take place at the 2012 Annual Meeting of ICDD members.

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