ICDD Awards - Distinguished Fellowship Award 2016

Ray Goehner

The 2016 ICDD Spring Meetings provided the ideal venue for the Board of Directors to honor two existing ICDD Fellows by naming them as 2016 Distinguished Fellows. This award was established to further recognize Fellows who have given long and meritorious service to the ICDD. During the Annual Meeting of Members on Thursday, 17 March 2016, ICDD's Chairman, Scott Misture, had the pleasure of announcing the newest recipients of this prestigious award: Ray Goehner, formerly of Sandia National Labs and Andy Roberts, formerly of the Geological Survey of Canada.

Although Ray Goehner was unable to attend the meeting in person, he was able to watch the live video stream of the meeting. Scott commended Ray's many contributions, not only to ICDD, but also to the Denver X-ray Conference®, over the span of nearly forty years.

Ray joined the ICDD in 1979 and became an integral part of the organization in a short time, remaining engaged until after his retirement in 2012. Ray tirelessly supported ICDD in various roles, including Search/Match Methods Subcommittee Chairman, Chairman of the Technical and Meeting Support Committees, and North American Regional Co-chairman. Ray served on the ICDD Board of Directors as Director-at-large, and also as Vice Chairman.

At a time when ICDD was contemplating the integration of electron diffraction simulations into its software, Ray facilitated this project and served as the first chairman of the Electron Diffraction Subcommittee. Ray's expertise in the area of electron backscatter diffraction and analysis of Kikuchi patterns was critical in developing electron diffraction simulations in the PDF-4 database.

Ray strongly supported the Denver X-ray Conference where he organized many workshops and chaired numerous sessions. In sharing his knowledge and expertise, he inspired many new generations to do the same. Ray also received the esteemed Hanawalt Award in 2001, along with his colleague Joe Michael, also of Sandia National Labs, for his work on phase identification using electron backscatter diffraction in the SEM.

Congratulations Ray, on receiving this well-deserved award!


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