ICDD Awards - Distinguished Grantee Awards

The Distinguished Grantee Award was instituted in 1999 to recognize the ongoing efforts of exceptional Grant-in-Aid recipients, whose work for the ICDD goes beyond the measurement of high quality powder patterns. The award is presented triennially. The ICDD Grant-in-Aid program is open to all scientists who produce high quality powder data and who, after a preliminary trial period, are awarded monetary grants from the ICDD in return for submission of their patterns to the ICDD.

Selection Process
The ICDD Grant-in-Aid Committee is responsible for the selection of an awardee. Submissions may be made to the committee and a tally of votes determines the winner.

Award Presentation 
The Distinguished Grantee Award is presented at the Technical Committee Session of the ICDD Annual Meeting. The award consists of a gift of $1,000, and a commemorative plaque. The awardee is expected to present a scientific paper and spend several days at the International Centre Headquarters. Travel and accommodation costs for the recipient are covered by the ICDD.

Miguel Delgado, GiA Committee Chairman and Sergei Kirik
Dr. Vyacheslav Baumer
State Scientific Institution, STC,
Institute for Single Crystals National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine


Vyacheslav Baumer


Xinkan Yao


Bogdan Lazoryak


Sergei Kirik


Shao-Fan Lin


Evgeny Antipov


Ekkehart Tillmanns