Advances in X-ray Analysis


The ICDD is pleased to present access to Volumes 40-57 of Advances in X-ray Analysis (AXA) - the proceedings of the Denver X-ray Conferences in Adobe Acrobat PDF form. Use the navigation to the left to browse by title or search by keyword, including author name. Results indicate the title, author, and file size. Please note, public access to Volume 58 and 59 will not be available until two years after the publication date. Each volume is available for sale on CDROM through the ICDD E-store.

AXA Volume 43 including 77 manuscripts in Adobe PDF Format

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35 Most Downloaded AXA Publications

(Updated June 2016 with 35 most downloaded AXA files in 2016)

XRD - Most Frequent Downloads

Comparison between Conventional and Two-Dimensional XRD

Strain Broadening Caused by Dislocations

Fundamentals of Two-Dimensional X-ray Diffraction (XRD2)

Quantitative XRD Bulk and Clay Mineralogical Determination of Paleosol Section of Unayzah and Basal Khuff Clastics in Saudi Arabia

Powder X-ray Diffraction Detection of Crystalline Phases in Amorphous Pharmaceuticals

Structure Solution of Lithium Diborate Hydrate - new to list in 2016

X-ray Diffraction Characterization of Polymer Intercalated Graphite Oxide

Peak Identification of Conventional X-ray Diffraction Patterns for MBE FePt Thin Films on MgO Single-crystal Substrates

X-ray Diffractometry Studies and Lattice Parameter Calculation on KNO3-NH4NO3 Solid Solutions

X-ray Diffraction Analysis in the Forensic Science: The Last Resort in Many Criminal Cases

X-ray Diffraction and Vibrational Spectroscopy of Catalysts for Exhaust Aftertreatment

Effect of Heat Treatment on Residual Stress Profiles of the Pulse-Plated Crack-Free Cr Layer - new to list in 2016

Grazing Incidence in-plane X-ray Diffraction in the Laboratory

Characterization of X-ray Irradiated Graphene Oxide - new to list in 2016

Advances in Quantitative XRD Analysis for Clinker, Cements, and Cementitious Additions

Applications of X-ray Diffraction in Conservation Science and Archaeometry

XRD and VSM Analysis of Nanostructured Cu-Co Alloys - new to list in 2016

Quantitative Analysis of Calcium Oxide Desiccant Coversion to Calcium Hydroxide Using X-ray Diffraction

Apatite Structures

Next Generation X-ray Detectors for In-House XRD - new to list in 2016

XRF - Most Frequent Downloads

Advantages and Disadvantages of Bayesian Methods for Obtaining XRF Net Intensities

Spectral Interference in X-ray Fluorescence Analysis of Common Materials

Problems by Using Pressed Powder Pellets for XRF Analysis fo Ferrosilicon Alloys

Fundamental Parameter Methods in XRF Spectroscopy

Scope and Limitations for Semi-Quantitative XRF Analysis

Enhancement of XRF Intensity by Using Au Coated Glass-Capillary

XRF Analysis - Theory, Experiment, and Regression

A Non-Destrucive X-ray Fluorescence Method - new to list in 2016

X-ray Methods - Most Frequent Downloads

Medical X-ray Imaging, Current Status and Some Future Challenges

A High-Temperature Powder Diffraction Furnace - new to list in 2016

Structure Development during the Heat-Draw Process of Nylon 66 Fiber by Synchrotron X-ray Diffraction

Confocal Graded d-Spacing Multilayer Beam Conditioning Optics - new to list in 2016

Quantitative Pole Figure Analysis of Oriented Polyethylene Films

X-ray Backscatter Imaging: Photography Through Barriers

X-rays in Art and Archaeology - An Overview

Natural Nanoparticle Structure, Properties and Reactivity