Volume 59 of AXA was distributed on CDROM to attendees of the 2015 Denver X-ray Conference, who paid the appropriate registration fee, as well as, PDJ subscribers. Others may purchase the Volume 59 CDROM by visiting the ICDD E-store. Free online access will be available in June 2018.

I. Fluorescence
MicroXRF Analysis of Astrobiologically-Significant Geological Samples D. T. Flannery, A. C. Allwood, W. T. Elam, R. Hodyss, D. R. Thompson and L. Wade
X-Ray Fluorescence Determination with Micro-Glass Beads using One-Milligram of Archaeological Sample S. Ichikawa, T. Nakamura
Discriminating Glass Fragments Using Micro-XRF Spectrometry with Poly-capillary Optics B. Scruggs
Thin Film XRF Specimen Preparation: Improvements Over The Dried Spot Approach C. G. Worley
Challenge of Trace Analysis for Pharmaceutical Products And Food Using Theoretical Scattered X-Rays H. Furukawa*, N. Ichimaru, S. Watanabe, K. Suzuki, M. Nishino, H. Ochi, D. Davis
The Benefits of Small Spot Mapping Analysis in Production Process Troubleshooting Using an EDXRF Spectrometer F. Taeza-Casco
Edge-Absorption Non-Dispersive X-Ray Fluorescence Spectroscopy J. Van Wagoner*, S. Cornaby, S. Kamtekar, K. Kozaczek
C/H And O Correction by a Scattered X-ray Internal Standard for XRF Analysis of Oils K. Kawakyu, A. Morikawa, K. Watanabe, Y. Yamada, Y. Kataoka
Secondary Excitation Observed In Lateral Scan Using Confocal Micro-XRF N. Kawahara, T. Matsuno, K. Tsuji, Y. Takimoto
Combined Elemental XRF and Phase XRD Analyses of a Meteorite F. Taeza-Casco, T. Witzke, N. Norberg
Worldwide Distribution of Total-Reflection X-Ray Fluorescence, Its Capacity, Acceptance and Trends. A Survey. R. Klockenkmper, A. von Bohlen
Sample preparation for TXRF Analysis of Metal Particles In Used Machine Oils and Preliminary Research For Application of Principal Component Analysis T. Matsuno, Y. Tabuchi, R. Hosomi, T. Hasegawa, N. Kometani, K. Tsuji
WD-XRF Imaging With Polycapillary Optics Under Glancing Incidence Geometry Y. Takimoto, M. Yamanashi, S. Kato, T. Shoji, N. Kometani, K. Tsuji
Results from a New Low-Z High-Z TXRF Spectrometer K. Sanyal, B. Kanrar, S. Dhara, N.L. Misra, P. Wobrauschek*, C. Streli
Low Power TXRF Kit J. Kawai, H. Shino, H. Nagai, Y. Nakajima
A New Benchtop TXRF Spectrometer R.E. Ayala
III. Diffraction
Synchrotron X-Ray Diffraction of a Friction Stir Processed Al0.1CoCrFeNi High Entropy Alloy N.A Ley, M. Komarasamy, R. Mishra, M.L. Young, M. Carl
Single-Crystal Structure Analysis of Drug Powder Sample By Synchrotron Radiation Microbeam X-ray T. Hashimoto, S. Honda, N. Yasuda, S. Kimura, S. Hayakawa, Y. Nishiwaki, M. Takata
X-ray Investigations of Solid Solutions and Phase Transitions of Monocalciumaluminate and Monobariumaluminate Use in Cement, Phosphorescence and Radiation Protection Applications H. Pllman, R. Kaden
Crystal Structure Refinements of Pyrope-Majorite Solid Solutions between Prp100Mj0 and Prp17Mj83 S. M. Antao, N. S. Suarez Nieto, L.A. Cruickshank, G. D. Gwanmesia
Monitoring Of CoS2 Reactions Using High Temperature XRD Coupled With Gas Chromatography (GC) M.A. Rodriguez, J.J.M. Griego, C.D. Mowry, A.S. Pimentel, T.M. Anderson, E.N. Coker
X-ray and Neutron Total Scattering Analysis of Hy(Bi0.2Ca0.55Sr0.25)(Ag0.25Na0.75)Nb3O10xH2O Perovskite Nanosheet Booklets with Stacking Disorder P. Metz*, B. Cladek, S.T. Misture, J. Neuefeind, K. Page, R. Koch
Investigation Of Nanostructured Materials for Developing New X -ray Reference Materials B.Kodess, P.Kodess
ONE SHOT Analysis Using Wide-Range High-Speed Detector R. Ogawa*, Y. Okamoto, H. Sekiguchi, H. Furukawa, K. Koyanagi, D. Davis
Characterisation of X-ray Reflectivity of Flat and Curved Pyrolytic Graphite Mosaic Crystals Y. Van Haarlem, J. Tickner
New Capabilities for Analysis of Organic Materials Using the ICDD PDF-4/Organics Database S. Kabekkodu, S. Gates, A. Gindhart, M. Rost, T. Blanton, T. Fawcett
Enhancing PDF Data Quality on a Laboratory Powder Diffractometer T. Hartmann, L. Fink, N. Schrodt