Powder Diffraction - Vol. 1 Number 1 - March 1986

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  • J. D. Hanawalt and H. W. Rinn - Identification of Crystalline Minerals (2)
  • J. D. Hanawalt - Manual Search/Match Methods for Powder Diffraction in 1986 (7)
  • L. Pauling - The Value of X-ray Powder Diffraction Patterns, and the Structure of Manganese-Aluminum Alloys with Apparent Icosahedral Symmetry (14)
  • A. M. Wims and G. G. Johnson, Jr. - Interactive Dialog for Phase Identification by X-ray Diffraction for the Johnson-Vand Program (16)
  • R. N. Roof, Z. Fisk, and J. L. Smith - Crystal Data for RuIn3 (20)
  • D. H. Filsinger and L. K. Frevel - Computer Automation of Structure-Sensitive Search-Match Algorithms for Powder Diffraction Analysis (22)
  • W. N. Schreiner - On the Need for Accurate Low Angle Alignment of Diffractometers (26)
  • R. G. Marquart - µPDSM: Mainframe Search/Match on an IBM PC (34)
  • H. F. McMurdie et al. - Methods of Producing Standard X-ray Diffraction Powder Patterns (40)
  • Y. Takayuchi and F. Nishi - Identification of the Polytype-like Modifications of Ca3GeO5 by Powder Diffraction (44)
  • G. J. McCarthy - Qualitative X-ray Phase Analysis of Lignite Gasification Ash. Illustration of a Strategy for the Analysis of Very Complex Solids (50)
  • A. Roberts - XRD Pattern of Rosasite (56)
  • Powder Diffraction - Notes for Authors (58)
  • JCPDS Task Group Cell Parameter Refinement Program Test Data (66)
  • New JCPDS/NBS Patterns (77)
  • Departments (100)
  • Computer Comments (114)