Powder Diffraction - Vol. 1 Number 2 - June 1986

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  • J. D. Hanawalt, H. W. Rinn, and L. K. Frevel - Chemical Analysis by X-ray Diffraction (2)
  • J. B. Cohen - The Measurement of Stresses in Composites (15)
  • C. O. Ruud, R. J. McDowell, and D. J. Snoha - An XRPD Investigation of a Face-Centered Cubic Metallic Plating (22)
  • V. Valvoda - Texture Correction in Phase Analysis and Thin Film Studies (28)
  • D. F. Mullica and E. Sappenfield - Powder Diffraction Data for Trans-Bis (Dimethylphenylphosphine) Bis (Pyrazole) Platinum, [Pt(C3H4N2)2{P(CH3)2(C6H5)}2] and Trans- (Tricyclohexylphosphino)-(Triethylphosphino) Platinum (II) Chloride, PtCl2P2C24H48 (33)
  • V. Touchard, M. Louër and D. Louër - Powder Diffraction Data of Polymorphic Phases of Dicesium Cadmium Tetraiodide Cs2CdI4 (35)
  • P. Bayliss - Quantitative Analysis of Sedimentary Minerals by Powder X-ray Diffraction (37)
  • B. Knob, J. Wanková, F. Moudrý and M. Kuba - X-ray Diffraction Analysis of NPK 12-19-19 Fertilizers (40)
  • U. Lambert and W. Eysel - New Copper (II)Rare Earth (III) Compounds I. Ternary Systems CuO- M2O3-TO2 (45)
  • R. Jenkins et al. - JCPDS - International Centre for Diffraction Data Sample Preparation Methods in X-ray Powder Diffraction (51)
  • H. F. McMurdie et al. - Standard X-ray Diffraction Powder Patterns from the JCPDS Research Associateship (64)
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