Powder Diffraction - Vol. 1 Number 3 - September 1986

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  • J. I. Langford, D. Louër, E. J. Sonneveld, and J. W. Visser - Applications of Total Pattern Fitting to a Study of Crystallite Size and Strain in Zinc Oxide Powder (211)
  • K. J. Moynihan, R. Proulx, and B. K. Windsor - Acquisition and Analysis of Powder X-ray Diffraction Data Using CALS Chromatographic Software (222)
  • M. J. Carr, W. F. Chambers, and D. Melgaard - A Search/Match Procedure for Electron Diffraction Data Based on Pattern Matching in Binary Bit Maps (226)
  • M. Skrobian, T. Havlik, and M. Havlik - Searching and Matching of X-ray Powder Diffraction Patterns Using a Programmable Calculator (235)
  • B. L. Davis - A Tubular Aerosol Suspension Chamber for the Preparation of Powder Samples for X-ray Diffraction Analysis (240)
  • B. L. Davis, L. R. Johnson, and T. Mebrahtu - X-ray Quantitative Analysis of Coal By the Reference Intensity Method (244)
  • U. Lambert and W. Eysel - New Copper (II) - Rare Earth (III) Compounds II. Crystal Chemistry of CuLn2Ge2O8, CuLn2Si4O12 and CuLn2Ge4O12 (256)
  • D. F. Mullica, E. L. Sappenfield, and J. E. Bradshaw-  X-ray Powder Data for Sodium tri-aqua-hexa- (nicotinato-tri-mu-oxo- tri-chromium (III) perchlorate hexahydrate {Na[Cr3O(C6H5NO2)6 · (H2O)3] [ClO4]8 · C6H5NO2 · 6H2O} (261)
  • D. Louër et al. - Powder Diffraction Data of Neodymium Hydroxynitrate Nd(OH)2(NO3) · H2O (263)
  • H. F. McMurdie et al. - Standard X-ray Diffraction Powder Patterns from the JCPDS Research Associateship (265)
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