Powder Diffraction - Vol. 1 Number 4 - December 1986

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  • L. L. Wyman - A Mid-Century of Metallography - Retrospect and Aspect (287)
  • A. L. Dragoo - Standard Reference Materials for X-ray Diffraction. Part I. Overview of Current and Future Standard Reference Methods (294)
  • R. J. Matyi and R. Baboian - An X-ray Diffraction Analysis of the Patina of the Statue of Liberty (299)
  • R. Jenkins and W. N. Schreiner - Considerations in the Design of Goniometers for Use in X-ray Powder Diffraction (305)
  • P. J. Thatcher and G. P. Briner - The Application of X-ray Powder Diffraction to Forensic Science (320)
  • L. Zellmer, D. K. Smith, and B. Scheetz - Synthesis and Cell Refinement of Ba5LiTiNb9O30 and Ba2Na3GdNbl0O30 Ferroelectrics (325)
  • A. E. Dwight - The CaIn2-Type Structure in YAg0.4Ga1.6 (328)
  • J. Fitzpatrick - Powder X-ray Diffraction of Florencite-(Nd) (330)
  • P. Bayliss - X-ray Powder Data for Nissonite and Waylandite (331)
  • H. F. McMurdie et al. - Standard X-ray Diffraction Powder Patterns from the JCPDS Research Associateship (334)
  • Departments (346)