Powder Diffraction - Vol. 10 Number 1 - March 1995

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  • Deane K. Smith, Gregory J. McCarthy, Jan W. Visser, Brian H. O'Connor, and Hideo Toraya - Editorial: Rietveld analysis and data for the powder diffraction file (1)
  • N. R. Khasanova, A. V. Mironov, and E. V. Antipov - Incommensurately modulated structure of Bi2Sr2Eu1.3Ce0.7Cu2O10.17 refined from X-ray powder data (2)
  • V. Stepanov and B. Bondars - The automation of DRON diffractometers (7)
  • W. Wong-Ng, C. S. Choi, and L. P. Cook - Microstructural effect on corrosion of tungsten in SF6 environment (8)
  • Paolo Ballirano, Adriana Maras, Peter R. Buseck, Su Wang, and Ann M. Yates - Improved powder X-ray data for cancrinites II: Liottite and sacrofanite (13)
  • Patricia Bénard, Jean Paul Auffrédic, and Daniel Louër - An X-ray powder diffraction study of amine zinc hydroxide nitrate (20)
  • Walter N. Schreiner - A standard test method for the determination of RIR values by X-ray diffraction (25)
  • Naoaki Sudo, Hiroo Hashizume, and Carlos A. M. Carvalho - Test of maximum-entropy methods to solve a small structure ab initio from powder diffraction data (34)
  • Cem Basceri, A. Cuneyt Tas, and Muharrem Timucin - Characterization of new solid solution phases in (Y,Ca)(Cr,Co)O3 system (40)
  • O. Greis, R. Ziel, B. Breidenstein, A. Haase, and T. Petzel - Structural data of the tysonite-type superstructure modification Beta-PrF3 from X-ray powder and electron single-crystal diffraction (44)
  • Steve J. Chipera and David L. Bish - Multireflection RIR and intensity normalizations for quantitative analyses: Applications to feldspars and zeolites (47)
  • Winnie Wong-Ng - Structures and X-ray diffraction pattens of compounds in Sr-Nd-Cu-O system (56)
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    • Calendar of Meetings (67)
    • Computer Comments (68)
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