Powder Diffraction - Vol. 10 Number 3 - September 1995

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  • Deane K. Smith - Editorial: Howard F. McMurdie - Still going strong (147)
  • Bing H. Hwang and S. F. Tu - A method for obtaining the error of a peak position due to counting statistics (148)
  • J. Guerra-López, A. Gómez, R. Pomés, and R. González - X-ray powder diffraction data for ammonium nickel phosphate monohydrate (152)
  • Ping Yang, K. Sivakumar, Hoong-Kun Fun, Tsong-Jen Lee, Huan-Chiu Ku, and Chiou-Chu Lai - Ab initio structure determination and Rietveld refinement of the crystal structure of (Pb0.6Cu0.4)Sr2PrCu2O7-x (154)
  • Y. Laligant and A. Le Bail - Structure of [Pd(NH3)4]Cr2O7 (159)
  • W. Pitschke, W. Bieger, G. Krabbes, and U. Wiesner - High temperature X-ray diffraction studies of the decomposition mechanism of YBa2Cu3O7-delta at an oxygen partial pressure less that 10 Pa (165)
  • Stefano Battaglia - Small-angle scattering of X-rays in a conventional Bragg-Brentano diffractometer for quantitative analysis (170)
  • P. Ballirano, A. Maras, R. Caminiti, and C. Sadun - Carbonate-cancrinite: In-situ real-time thermal processes studied by means of energy-dispersive X-ray powder diffractometry (173)
  • Gerzon Delgado, A. Valentina Rivera, Trino Suárez, and Bernardo Fontal - X-ray powder diffraction data for RuCl2(TRIPHOS)(DMSO) dichloro [bis(2-diphenylphosphinoethyl) phenylphosphine] [dimethylsulfoxide] ruthenium (II) (178)
  • S. Philippo, J. Naud, J. P. Declercq, and J. Feneau-Dupont - Structural refinement and X-ray powder diffraction data for kalipyrochlore (K,Sr,Na,Ca,H2O)2-m(Nb,Ti)2-xO6-wY1-n, with (0 < m < 0.8, x ~ 0.2, w=0 and 0.2 < n < 1) (180)
  • A. Nørlund Christensen, P. Norby, and J. C. Hanson - A synchrotron X-ray powder diffraction study of CoAl2O4 and CoGa2O4 by PSD diffractometer technique (185)
  • C. L. Lengauer and G. Giester - Rietveld refinement of the solid-solution series: (Cu,Mg)SO4 · H2O (189)
  • Mohamed Ezahri, Georges Coffy, and Bernard R. Mentzen - Powder X-ray data for the ammonium trioxalatoaluminate (III) and its hydrate: (NH4)3Al(C2O4)3 · xH2O, x=0, 2, 3 (195)
  • Neil E. Johnson, Sidney S. Pollack, Elizabeth A. Frommell, and Patricia A. Eldredge - Powder diffraction analysis of an interstratified marcasite/pyrite structure (198)
  • P. Riello, P. Canton, and G. Fagherazzi - A semi-empirical asymmetry function for X-ray diffraction peak profiles (204)
  • V. E. Lamberti, M. A. Rodriguez, and A. Novrotsky - X-ray powder diffraction data for Ba2Cu3PrO6.96±0.01 (207)
  • Howard F. McMurdie - My life at the National Bureau of Standards and the National Institute for Standards and Technology (210)
  • G. C. Allen, K. R. Hallam, and J. A. Jutson - X-ray diffraction studies of solid solutions of Cr-, Mn-, Fe-, Co-, and Ni-containing transition metal spinel oxides (214)
  • Maurice Samouël, Patrick Gredin, and Ariel de Kozak - Powder diffraction data for copper hexafluorides: Ba2CuF6 and Pb2CuF6 (221)
  • Letters to the Editor (223)
  • International Report (227)
    • Calendar of Meetings (227)
    • Computer Comments (227)
  • Cumulative Author Index (233)