Powder Diffraction - Vol. 11 Number 3 - September 1996

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  • Deane K. Smith - Editorial: Forming an X-ray Analysis Society (199)
  • G. V. Narasimha Rao, V. S. Sastry, H. S. Gopala Krishana Murthy, V. Seshagiri, and T. S. Radhakrishnan - Toward development of an ideal X-ray diffractometer sample holder (200)
  • T. N. Blanton and L. S. Hung - An X-ray diffraction study of Tm-doped BaYYbF8 thin films (204)
  • H. J. Bunge and N. J. Park - A probability criterion for correct indexing of powder diffraction diagrams on the basis of preferred orientation (209)
  • N. J. Elton and P. D. Salt - Particle statistics in quantitative X-ray diffractometry (218)
  • M. D. Santos, J. R. Matos, L. R. F. Carvalho, L. M. Sant'Agostino, and M. Korn - An X-ray diffraction study of filters used for atmospheric aerosol sampling (230)
  • Wang Chao, Pan Chunde, Wang Daqing, Song Aixia, Nie Jihong, and Li Shuhua - An improved method for quantitative analysis of sedimentary minerals by X-ray diffraction (235)
  • Johan E. ten Elshof and Jaap Boeijsma - Influence of iron content on cell parameters of rhombohedral La0.6Sr0.4Co1-yFeyO3 (240)
  • Alex Xenopoulos, Martina Ralle, Anton Habenschuss, and Bernhard Wunderlich - X-ray powder diffraction data and thermal expansion of N(CH3)4Br and N(CH3)4I (246)
  • Karel J. de Vries, Jaap Boeijsma, and George M. H. van de Velde - Powder diffraction of SrCe0.95Yb0.05O3-alpha (250)
  • Norberto Masciocchi and Gilberto Artioli - Lattice parameters determination from powder diffraction data: Results from a round robin project (253)
  • Melvin H. Mueller, 1918 - 1996: Obituary (259)
  • International Report (260)
    • Calendar of Meetings (260)
    • Book Reviews (261)
    • Computer Comments (261)
    • Regional Reports (263)
  • Cumulative Author Index (265)