Powder Diffraction - Vol. 12 Number 1 - March 1997

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  • Deane K. Smith - Editorial: Round Robin on Quantitative Phase Analysis (1)
  • A. N. Sapozhnikov, V. G. Ivanov, L. F. Piskunova, and E. K. Vasil'ev - X-ray powder diffraction data of hauyne with incommensurate modulated structure from volcanic rocks of Laacher Lake, Germany (3)
  • Kevin R. Henke, Jeffrey C. Bryan, and Mark P. Elless - Structure and powder diffraction pattern of 2,4,6-Trimercapto-s-triazine, trisodium salt (Na3S3C3N3·9H2O) (7)
  • W. Wong-Ng, R. L. Snyder, C. Park, E. Antipov, and W. F. McClune - The ICDD/PDF Superconductor SubFile (13)
  • G. Spinolo, C. Tomasi - Fluorite-related phases in the Bi-rich part of the Bi,Mo/O system (16)
  • A. Gómez, J. Guerra-López, R. González, and R. Pomés - X-ray powder diffraction data for ammonium manganese phosphate monohydrate (20)
  • V. D. Barbanyagre, T. I. Timoshenko, A. M. Ilyinets, and V. M. Shamshurov - Calcium aluminozincates of CaxAlyZnkOn composition (22)
  • James A. Kaduk, Walt Partenheimer - Chemical accuracy and precision in Rietveld analysis: The crystal structure of cobalt(II) acetate tetrahydrate (27)
  • David E. McCready, M. Lou Balmer, and Keith D. Keefer - Experimental and calculated X-ray powder diffraction data for cesium titanium silicate, CsTiSi2O6.5: A new zeolite (40)
  • Zong-ming Jin, Bo Zhao, Weiqun Zhou, and Zheng Jin - X-ray powder diffraction analysis of a nonlinear optical material o-chlorobenzol-benzoyl thiourea (47)
  • J. Fenrych, E. C. Reynhardt, and I. Basson - Temperature dependence of the structures of solution-grown and melt-grown samples of n-hexatetracontane (49)
  • A. A. Finch, J. G. Fletcher, A. Kindness, and J. M. S. Skakle - Erratum: "Powder X-ray characterization of natrolite, Na2Al2Si3O10.2H2O" [Powder Diffr. 10, 243-247 (1995)] (53)
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