Powder Diffraction - Vol. 12 Number 4 - December 1997

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  • Deane K. Smith - Editorial: Thank you Jan Visser  (199)
  • Deane K. Smith - Evaluation of the detectability and quantification of respirable crystalline silica by X-ray powder diffraction methods (200)
  • J. H. L. Voncken, Th. W. Verkroost - Powder diffraction of cubic alpha-brass (228)
  • Robert J. Finch, Frank C. Hawthorne, Mark L. Miller, and Rodney C. Ewing - Distinguishing among schoepite, [(UO2)8O2(OH)12](H2O)12, and related minerals by X-ray powder diffraction (230)
  • Stefan Dick, Michaela Müller, Franziska Preissing, and Thomas Zeiske - The structure of monoclinic NaNiO2 as determined by powder X-ray and neutron scattering  (239)
  •  Y. T. Zhu, P. S. Baldonado, E. J. Peterson, D. E. Peterson, and F. M. Mueller - Powder diffraction data of SmBa4Cu3O8.5+delta (242)
  • C. K. Lee, A. M. Coats, and A. R. West - Characterisation of K-doped Bi4V2O11 by combined XRD and EPMA: A cautionary tale (245)
  • K. Gotzmann, U. Burkhardt, M. Ellner, and Yu. Grin - Powder diffraction data for the intermetallic compounds RhAl2.63, IrAl2.75, and AuZn3 (248)
  • G. Ghosh, G. V. Narasimha Rao, V. S. Sastry, A. Bharathi, Y. Hariharan, and T. S. Radhakrishnan - X-ray powder diffraction data of CoSi (252)
  •  R. Kesavamoorthy, G. V. Narasimha Rao, B. Sundarakkannan, G. Ghosh, and V. Sankara Sastry - Powder diffraction data of BaFCl (255)
  • J. M. Loezos, T. A. Vanderah, and J. P. Cline - New ternary compounds in the BaO:Fe2O3:TiO2 system: Ba2Fe2Ti4O13 ("2:1:4"), Ba3Fe10TiO20 ("3:5:1"), and Ba4Fe2Ti10O27 ("4:1:10") (259)
  • Hongxiang Wu, Lidun Ma, Xiaoliang Shen, and Guoshun Shi - Erratum: "X-ray powder diffraction data for [Co(NH3)5Br]Br2" [Powder Diffr. 11, 297-298 (1996)] (264)
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