Powder Diffraction - Vol. 13 Number 3 - September 1998

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  • G. J. McCarthy - Editorial: International X-ray Analysis Society Launched (131)
  • Fabrice Goubard, Daniel Bizot, and Jean Chassaing - Powder diffraction data for niobium IV hexafluorides: VNbF6 and CrNbF6 (132)
  • Fabrice Goubard, Samuel Llorente, Valérie Delobbe, Daniel Bizot, and Jean Chassaing - Synthesis and X-ray powder diffraction data for MNbF6 (M=Fe, Co) compounds (134)
  • Mark G. Aylmore, Graham S. Walker - The quantification of lateritic bauxite minerals using X-ray powder diffraction by the Rietveld method (136)
  • Winnie Wong-Ng, Brian Toby, and William Greenwood - Crystallographic studies of BaR2ZnO5 (R=La, Nd, Dy, Ho, Er, and Y)  (144)
  • B. Es-Sakhi, P. Gravereau, and C. Fouassier - Ab initio determination and Rietveld refinement of the crystal structure of Ba7Cl2F12 (152)
  • P. Gravereau, B. Es-Sakhi, and C. Fouassier  - Powder X-ray diffraciton data for Ba12Cl5F19 (157)
  • U. Burkhardt, M. Ellner, Yu. Grin, and B. Baumgartner - Powder diffraction refinement of the Co2Al5 structure (159)
  • Fabrice Goubard, Samuel Llorente, Jöel Gaubicher, Daniel Bizot, and Jean Chassaing - Powder diffraction data for fluorocomplexes of niobium IV: MNbF6 (M=Ca, Mg,Cd, Zn) (163)
  • S. Pratapa, B. H. O'Connor, and I-M. Low - Use of Compton scattering measurements for attenuation corrections in Rietveld phase analysis with an external standard (166)
  • Dagmar Krausová, Zdenek Trávnicek, and Tomás Ondrusek - X-ray powder diffraction data for some nitrogen donor base adducts of bis(iso-propylxanthato)nickel(II) (171)
  • Hector Novoa de Armas, Armando Paneque Quevedo, and Jose Antonio Henao Martinez - Crystal data and X-ray powder diffracton data of two derivatives of 4-chloro-2,2'-iminodibenzoic acid: diethyl 4-chloro-2,2'-iminodibenzoate, C18H18ClNO4, and dimethyl 4-chloro-2,2' -iminodibenzoate, C16H14ClNO4 (175)
  • J. A. Kaduk, B. H. Toby, W. Wong-Ng, and W. Greenwood - Crystal structure and reference X-ray pattern of Ba4Ti10Al2O27 (178)
  • Briant L. Davis - Semiquantitative XRD analysis with the aid of reference intensity ratio estimates (185)
  • Zong-ming Jin, Bo Zhao, Weinqun Zhou, and Zheng Jin - Erratum: "X-ray powder diffraction analysis of a nonlinear optical material o-chlorobenzol-benzoyl thiourea" [Powder Diff. 12, 47-48 (1997)] (188)


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